All graduates of College automatically become members of Robinson College Alumni Association (Pegasus).  In the early days, undergraduates paid a subscription to join the Pegasus Alumni Society which managed all events and publications.  

Nowadays, the Development Office in College arranges many things such as the Annual Reunions in September, the Annual Reception in London each July and the production of both Bin Brook Magazine and the Robinson Record.

The Robinson College Alumni Association (RCAA) now complements these activities by liaison with groups and individuals and suggesting and contributing to further events. There is a Committee of College Fellows and alumni which acts a focus for suggestions and these are welcome from any alumnus. 

Every year in March there is the Annual Alumni 'Open' Dinner. In contrast to the September reunions, where year groups gather on a rotational basis, the March Alumni Dinner is open to any and all alumni every year. Any individual from any year, a group of friends or sports team or a subject group within or across the years – in short any alumni who are interested in getting together and meeting others are welcome and encouraged to attend. Group Tables can be reserved in advance.  We have an afternoon gathering of alumni where  speakers have included founding Warden Lord Lewis, former Senior Tutor Chris Hughes, Emeritus Professor Trevor Page, Professor Emerita Morna Hooker and Emeritus Fellow Martin Brett offering their reminiscences of College. We now have an Alumni Forum where alumni contribute their memories and talk about their careers.

Other events are arranged on this March weekend and we are always open to suggestions from alumni for ideas about sporting events and local visits during the weekend. We have a Saturday buffet lunch for the benefit of those who wish to meet up during the day rather than, or as well as, the evening dinner; the date often also coincides with Cambridge Science Festival. 

Although the two weekends – September and March - remain the mainstay of the Robinson Alumni Calendar together with the Annual Reception in London, we are always open to suggestions  from alumni for add-on events during the rest of the year.

Such Alumni-organized events can be away from Cambridge, though not necessarily so, and with help for publicity from the Development Office and financial support from The Pegasus Alumni Society Funds. These may range from a pub meeting in London to a gathering in Cambridge to a restaurant meal in Manchester – in fact you suggest it and run it and the RCAA and Development Office will back you up - the suggestions come entirely from alumni.

Contact Us

If you are interested in organizing a Robinson alumni event, have any queries, suggestions, feedback or comments please let us know.

Email:  Dr Steve Trudgill President RCAA(Pegasus) and,


Robinson College Alumni Association (Pegasus)
c/o Development Office
Robinson College
Grange Road

Phone the Development Office:  (+44) (0)1223 339036

Robinson College Alumni Association (Pegasus) Committee

The RCAA (Pegasus) has a committee of elected members. It meets twice a year, on the Saturday afternoon of the September Reunions and at the Annual General Meeting, which is held before the Annual Alumni Dinner in March. Interim matters are dealt with by email.

President Dr Steve Trudgill

Hon Secretary Anthony Toole

Hon Treasurer Dr Chris Warner. Auditor Vicky Earl

Editor of Record  Rev Dr Simon Perry

Committee members

Rev Roger Greeves

Robin Lawther

Rahul Mansigani

Saul Nassé

Rosalyn Old

SCR rep Dr Mary Stewart

MCR rep = MCR President. 

JCR rep = RCSA President. 

Director of Development and Deputy President  Sarah Westwood. 


2018 Events

ANNUAL OPEN ALUMNI DINNER 24th March 2018 ​This was great fun with our first Alumni Forum: 

                                                Life in Journalism: Fake news and alternative facts

Three distinguished alumni shared their memories of Robinson and talked about their careers, together with the challenges facing journalism, with plenty of discussion and questions.

 Jonathan Fowler (1987) Chief of Communications, Information and Outreach at the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); formerly with Associated Press and Agence France-Presse

Rebecca John (1989) BBC television news journalist

Professor Tim Luckhurst (1980) Head of Centre for Journalism University of Kent and Director of KM television; former editor of the Scotsman and BBC editor.

We then very much enjoyed watching the boat race in the bar and proceeded to the Open Alumni Dinner which was enjoyed by all. 


MANCHESTER Meal. 2018 Saturday May 5th.   Please book by Monday 30th April 2018.   See


Details to be announced in due course include:

LONDON PUB DRINKS 2018 Date and time tbc

VISIT TO THE BBC  2018. Date and timing tbc.