As another successful academic year draws to a close here at Robinson, we are preparing for our 13th Annual Telephone Calling Programme, which runs from June 26 through to July 8. 

A Robinson education, as I hope you have experienced, is a passport to success. Our students go on to work in a wide range of influential places. From teachers, writers, and doctors, to scientists and entrepreneurs, our alumni enrich their communities and the world.The Fellows and staff are proud of what we have achieved here at Robinson: fairness underpins every aspect of College life and enterprise and hard work is rewarded with success. We firmly believe that students should be admitted on the basis of academic merit alone, and that each is entitled to a world-class education regardless of financial resources. However, recent cuts in graduate funding and increases in the cost of tuition impact our most vulnerable students.

The Annual Appeal leaflet provides insight into how the College operates financially, the increased burden that students carry today, and how gifts from alumni and friends like you can help us to achieve our goals. 

To download the Annual Appeal 2017 leaflet, please click here.

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