The Robinson Biomedical Sciences Alumni Association is open to all Robinson College alumni and senior members of the College who have a professional interest in the Medical, Veterinary and allied Natural Sciences. Its constitution, agreed at the first meeting of the Association, may be found here.

Forthcoming events

1. Saturday 25th March 2017 – Dinner in Robinson as part of this year’s Alumni Open Weekend. There will be a Biomedical Sciences Group Table at the dinner and a biomedical sciences business meeting just before – do come along and express your views, or send them to Brian McCabe at  Bookings for dinner must be made on the online booking form and the Alumni Open Weekend programme can be seen here.

2. Wednesday 17th May 2017 – Visit with guided tour of the Genome Campus, Sanger Institute, Hinxton. Details to follow.

3. Late October/Early November 2017. Visit with Robinson students to the Wellcome Collection in London.

4. Spring 2018. Half-day scientific meeting at Robinson with students.

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