Fellow and Director of Studies in Physics (Parts II & III)
BA in Natural Sciences (Cambridge, 2002), MSci in Physics (Cambridge, 2003), PhD in Theoretical Physics (Cambridge, 2008)
My research expands outwards from the main theoretical aspects of the new field of Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QUEBS), and combines techniques from condensed matter theory, quantum optics and physical chemistry to investigate the novel physics of biomolecular processes at the boundary of quantum and classical descriptions. By looking for the general (quantum) design principles which optimise the performance of light-harvesting in natural photosynthesis, we hope to explore how these biologically engineered strategies might be used to improve artificial technologies, such as photovoltaic devices. A key aspect of this is the fundamental study of non-equilibirum open quantum systems, particularly in nanostructured devices intended as part of future quantum technologies.
Winton Advanced Research Fellow in the Theory of Condensed Matter Group