Binson Gave!

The College gardens, M staircase, Malcolm Trotter, Dr Martin Brett, and the chapel. Just some of the many people and places that over 200 alumni and other supporters ‘claimed’ during Robinson’s first giving day, ‘Binson Gives’ which was held on May 10/11.

Binson Gives was a 36-hour Robinson Community fundraising initiative to raise funds for the Annual Fund and the Student Wellbeing Fund. 

For 36 hours a donation to either of these funds made via the Binson Gives webpages provided an opportunity to ‘claim’ one’s favourite bit of Robinson Real Estate. Donations poured in and kept the Development Office and their student helpers (huge thanks George and Sebastian) very busy. With claims ranging from favourite Robinson people to specific bits of equipment, ie the pool table in the bar, the Trompet 8 stop on the College organ and the frankly unforgiveable flag pole at the top of the tower, there weren’t many bits of Robinson left unclaimed at the end of the campaign. (Please click here to see the full range of claims made during the campaign.).

The money raised is already being put to good use. Work has started on the creation of a new Student Welfare and Wellbeing Centre in Thorneycreek House, ready for the new term, and a new member of staff has been appointed to the post of Head of Student Welfare and Wellbeing. Vital work that will go a long way to ensure that pastoral care goes hand-in-hand with academic excellence at Robinson. For more information on the student wellbeing appeal, please see here

Enormous thanks again to all those that took part. We loved hearing about your memories and getting to know Robinson a bit better and thank you so much for your very kind donations.

The Development Office Team