In the past, the University of Cambridge offered financial support for those Modern and Medieval Language (MML) students wishing to undertake a vacation language course. This support was important in ensuring that all MML students, regardless of personal circumstances, were able to benefit from language immersion. Funding cuts to the University's central grant mean that this scheme no longer exists. With the help of the Chaffield Shaw Trust, Robinson has therefore established a fund to make alternative grants available so that our MML students can still undertake such courses, which have a significant impact on a student’s ability to achieve his or her potential in Final examinations.  

From time to time this fund may also be used to support incoming freshers from low-achieving schools, who will benefit enormously from an immersion course abroad in the September before they start at Robinson.  This allows us to admit applicants with great potential who have not benefited from consistently good language teaching at school. 

The Chaffield Shaw MML Support Fund currently makes around £5,500 of grants each year to support Robinson language students on immersion courses in their languages of study.  To endow this and so secure this source of funding, we need to raise £140,000.

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