Economics is a subject that is particularly attractive to applicants from non-traditional backgrounds in terms of university entrance. This is because a professional dimension can be very important to first-generation applicants to higher education and Cambridge, and to applicants from schools with little experience of encouraging their pupils to apply to Cambridge - not least in terms of justifying the significant cost of that higher education.

College teaching in Economics throughout the Cambridge Collegiate system is overwhelmingly provided by CTOs and the possibility of making a less expensive Economics UTO appointment to a College is lower than in many subjects because of the size of the Faculty.

At present the post of Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics is part-funded by a group of alumni who came together as “shareholders” to help to fund the Economics teaching at the College. This allowed Robinson to begin admitting students to read Economics once again, having been forced to drop admissions in the subject for one year whilst funding was being raised.

Donor support has been essential in helping Robinson not only to continue, but to build upon a strong Economics teaching programme, so that it is a thriving subject at Robinson today. The College has limited funds in place for future years and is seeking additional donations in order to support the post of Director of Studies and Fellow in Economics in the long-term.