The Professor David Yates Master’s Scholarship

Could you help Robinson's Master’s student like me to continue their study and research at Robinson?

As a recipient of College support, I’d like to personally share with you how much of an impact your donation can make on a student’s life.

I didn't know that I would ever get the opportunity to study in one of the best universities in the world, but I'd always dreamed of studying here and receiving my degree in Senate House.

During my bachelor’s degree days I worked as a security guard, but still made sure to pass my degree as a top student. From there, I took on a leadership role as a head of department in an international company, and after that I was delegated to Canada’s top public safety organisation. Quite a journey from being a security guard.

Now, as well as studying for a Master’s in Criminology, I am also the Vice President of a non-profit organisation that helps orphans to get a meaningful education and live a better life.

The scholarships and bursaries I received from the University of Cambridge, the Institute of Criminology and Robinson College not only diminished my sense of financial vulnerability, but allowed me to dream big and expand my MPhil research in Criminology and police training to some wonderful heights. The financial assistance I received made further study possible and I want others to have the same opportunities that I had.

So please donate today.

Please help provide the vital financial support which allows students like me to change not only their own futures, but also the futures of those benefitting from the research we do at Cambridge.

Best wishes,

Asif Hossain (Criminology, 2020).