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This September the College will be running its 16th Annual Telephone Campaign (14th – 28th September 2020), and we are looking for 12 articulate and enthusiastic Robinson students who are passionate about Robinson to help us!
The role gives you the opportunity to speak to a range of Robinson alumni from all over the world. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the College, hear all sorts of anecdotes and collect a wealth of advice from those who have gone before you. Additionally, you will be asking Robinsonians to support the College, to enable future students to study at Robinson, just as you have.

'Working with Catherine on the telephone campaign was a pleasure, she fostered a lovely environment. I spent my shifts chatting to Vicars, getting life advice from brilliant women and gushing about people's marriages that had begun in Robinson.

You might think it'd be scary to call people up but it quickly becomes very comfortable. The alumni are already expecting a call and have had the opportunity to opt out. Each call involves reading an alumni profile, with details like their degree subject and current job information, so you have something to start your conversation with.

It's very important that we raise money for bursary schemes and very often people were willing to donate. I look forward to getting a call from this campaign in a couple of years for some nostalgia therapy. This job would suit anybody that's friendly / has mastered the basics of human interaction' (Becky)

' I really enjoyed the campaign as an opportunity to develop my virtual communication skills and understand more about the Robinson community. The team had a great atmosphere and I found it really useful to chat to alumni and find out more about careers post Robinson'. (Flo) 






'As a PhD student, taking part in the Telephone Campaign was a wonderful way for me to get to know my undergraduate colleagues and find out more about the support Robinson provides students at all levels of study. I'm hugely grateful to Robinson for the support they have given me in continuing my career in academia, and speaking with alumni to find out about their experiences at the college and their subsequent careers is so inspiring. The development team made the experience really enjoyable, and I'd recommend participating to anyone who wants to contribute to the life of our lovely college'. (Andy) 





'The Telephone Campaign provided not only a great opportunity to get to know my fellow students better, but also the chance to foster invaluable connections with alumni. This, coupled with the ability to ensure that future students can profit from the same fantastic university experience I have been fortunate to have, made for a really enjoyable two weeks.

Never did the evenings fail to provide both camaraderie and entertainment, as we cheered on our fellow callers (silently, of course) and battled to close as many deals as possible. 

My personal highlight was my heroic Cluedo victory, but the experience as a whole was really worthwhile'. (George)


Will you win Telephone Campaign Bingo this year?

Earned around £600 for two weeks’

Got great career advice from an alumnus

Raised vital funds for Robinson College Bursaries


Networked with some really helpful alumni


Acquired skills and experience that enhanced my CV


Rejoiced when I sealed a deal


Raised funds that benefitted my sports club


Made loads of new College friends


Ate my own weight in Kinder Eggs and curly fries


Became a Cluedo guru


Smashed the Pembroke Telephone Campaign Team at Rounders


Raised over £167,000 in total for Robinson College students


In 2019, our fabulous team raised an incredible £167,000 for College, to support students, teaching and other priorities. We hope you decide to be part of our team this year to help us achieve success.  

The closing date is 0900 Monday 20th July and interviews will be held during the week beginning 27th July via Zoom. 

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