Telephone Campaign 2021 – Thank you for your support!

2021 has been another difficult year and the pandemic has continued to have a significant effect on Robinson and its students. This has resulted in two key areas of funding being clear priorities in this year’s Telephone Campaign. The Annual Fund and Student Support.

Over the course of two weeks, a team of 12 of Robinson’s finest students and enthusiastic advocates of their College, spoke with hundreds of alumni and other supporters and they were bowled over by the friendship, support and generosity they received from those individuals.  Anecdotes of Robinson were shared, updates on College news were provided and everyone really got behind this year’s campaign. 

Student caller Sam, (History, 2020) said, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on the telephone campaign. My conversations with alumni gave me helpful insights into different careers and how to pursue them. I also listened to many brilliant stories about life in Robinson College a couple of decades ago and found out more about the history of the college. We were provided with excellent training and support, that allowed us to be most effective on the job and has given us skills to use in future work too. It was touching that alumni took the time and effort to speak about their experiences and give advice. It was great that so many decided to generously donate, as a result of these conversations and the brilliant place that is Robinson College”. 

(Sam, stewarding at a recent Bop)

Alumni Roy Pearce, (MML 1988) is a huge supporter of the Telephone Campaign and this year (again) very generously provided a match fund pot of £5000. Roy said,

It’s great to see that Robinson students have had such a successful campaign this year and I know that the funds that they have raised will make a real difference to the support that Robinson can provide. I particularly endorse this initiative as the benefits of this campaign go beyond the impact the donations can make.  The students recruited for the calling all receive comprehensive training, which helps equip them for their future careers and they also benefit from the connections that they make with alumni and other supporters over the two weeks of calling.  Being able to provide a match-fund gift to encourage new donors and help increase the impact of other donations has given me the opportunity to support Robinson in a way that is very meaningful to me”.

With over £100,000 already pledged, we want to say a huge thanks to all those that took part.

Gifts are still coming in and there has never been a better time to show your support to Robinson.  Every gift counts and will help us to provide the best academic and pastoral support we can for our students. Thank you!

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