2018 Telephone Campaign - THANK YOU!

From 26th June  - 9th July this year, Robinson students called alumni from all around the world to share College memories, chat about their experience after leaving Robinson and to thank alumni for their ongoing support.  Callers also sought donations to support a range of projects.

2018 was a particularly special year for our Telephone Campaign as alumnus Ben Habib (NatSci 1984) pledged to donate £200 for every new regular gift and £75 for every one-off gift received during the telephone campaign. 

Ben Habib

Ben Habib

(NatSci 1984)

“I believe in the pursuit of excellence and investing in institutions which enable this pursuit. Robinson College is such an institution and one to which I have a lifelong debt of gratitude. The College has a good financial footing but it has a modest endowment fund compared to other Cambridge colleges and there is a great deal more that needs to be done to assure its security into the future. It is my pleasure therefore to do what I can to support the College, and encourage others to do the same”.


This additional incentive provided by Ben resulted in a Robinson Annual Appeal record breaking £167,000 being raised to help with all aspects of College life.  Thank you so much for your incredible generosity.  Your gifts will provide the flexibility to deal with issues of urgent need that arise over the next few years, such as:


  • Securing Academic Excellence - it is the individual colleges that bear most of the costs of the supervision system, although the majority of Government funding and fees are received by the central University. Robinson currently subsidises the cost of each undergraduate’s education by at least £2,700 per annum.
  • Student Support - the best students are accepted on their merit alone, regardless of their financial situation and each year there are students whose financial circumstances change through no fault of their own, or who find themselves in need of financial assistance. The College is contributing an ever greater proportion of this support.
  • Building development and maintenance – maintaining the living and teaching spaces and facilities, construction of new College buildings and managing the beautiful gardens.
  • College Societies and Sports – provide an outlet and relaxation in a high-pressure environment, as well as bringing other members of the community into College.

Your gift will enable Robinson to continue to offer a first-class education to students from all walks of life, with all the opportunities that it brings. 

If you would like to receive more information about the annual Telephone Campaign, or supporting Robinson, please contact the Development Office or +44 (0) 1223 339036.

The Donor Report provides an insight into how the College operates financially, the increased burden that students carry today, and how gifts from alumni and friends like you help us to achieve our goals. To download the Donor Report 2018 , please click here.