2022 Telephone Campaign

In 2005, the College embarked on a programme of regularly phoning alumni, and the results of these calls have had a transformative effect on the lives of many undergraduates and graduates, and on the fabric of the College itself.


30 gifts of £30 per month could ensure the continuation of extra counselling resources for Robinson students.

The annual Telephone Campaign offers us the opportunity to keep in touch with alumni and keep you updated on College news.  Our student callers really enjoy chatting with alumni and the calls provide them with invaluable opportunities to network and gain career guidance and advice. 

24 gifts of £45 per month could ensure the continuation of the additional resource for our College Nurse.

During the calls you will also hear about fundraising projects that we are currently working on to help us ensure that our current and future students can make the most of every opportunity that a Cambridge education offers.


One gift of £20.25 per month could help three students participate in sport.

This year, our fundraising will focus on the Annual Fund and the Wellbeing Fund.  Robinson College is unique. Of Cambridge's 31 colleges, Robinson is the only one conceived from the outset as co-educational, undergraduate and postgraduate. The College and its governing Fellowship have a progressive and highly inclusive approach to providing first-class education for students from around the world. On average only 25% of College income comes from academic fees and charges.

One gift of £5k would help secure specialist mental health support for a student who needs it.

The balance is made up by income from conferences and student accommodation, residential services, investments and, very importantly, gifts from our Friends and alumni. Obviously the conferencing, student accommodation and residential services income has taken a huge hit during the pandemic.


Our ambition is to provide the very best academic and pastoral support we can for our students. This means investing in excellent preventative programmes, as well as continuing to support a range of counselling and therapeutic resources.

We recognise the importance of physical and social activities, both in their own right and to overall wellbeing. Participation in sport, drama, music and other clubs and societies enriches students' lives, fosters important skills, and contributes to their overall fulfilment.

Donations received during this campaign will enable us to expand the work that we are doing to support our students.

One gift of £6.75 per month could enable a struggling student to participate in sport at the University Sports Centre.

There has never been a better time to show your support to Robinson: every gift counts and will help us to reduce the impact of the current crisis on our students. 

Thank You


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