Mr Mohammed Jabed Ahmed (Geography 2020) -  I’m a third-year Geography Student from London. I’ve really enjoyed the human geography modules throughout the tripos, and I am particularly interested in translating research into policy. Alongside my studies, I play a variety of sports and enjoy writing and journalism. I applied to Robinson because I was attracted to the relaxed community atmosphere. Since joining, I’ve contributed to the community as a student ambassador, improving outreach, and also playing in the college sports teams, specifically, the Robinson Rovers!  I am really looking forward to speaking to alumni to help raise money for the college's Wellbeing Fund. It will also be fascinating to hear from Robinson alumni about their experiences and memories of the College and find out what they’re doing now. This is an extremely valuable cause, and I can’t wait to get involved!

Mr Nuo Chen (Natural Science 2022) - Hi, I’m Aaron Chen (Nuo Chen). I’m a first-year bio-natural science student at Robinson. Besides, I’m an international student from China. I have enjoyed the first term at Robinson College. It’s a brand-new experience to come into a different country and get to know people of vastly different background. I have been involved in college life, representing Robinson College Basketball Team, and running as Overseas Officer of RCSA. I fully understand how costly university experience can be. Especially for international students, extra burden comes from both tuitions, travelling cost and rising living cost. I hope to raise funds for those in need. Robinson College has been providing bursaries and I hope to support it through telephone campaign. It’s also exciting to talk with alumni to have a perspective on their lives in Robinson. I’m looking forward to this opportunity.

Miss Arisa Chowdhury (Architecture 2021) Hello, I’m Arisa and I am a second year Architecture student at Robinson. During my first year, I was one of the two Racial Equality Officers as part of the Robinson College Student Association (RSCA). This role included many responsibilities such as hosting socials, welfare drop ins, and working with the Robinson admissions team to open up access and outreach to future students. I enjoyed this role because it gave me the opportunity to speak and work with college staff, Robinson students as well as students working towards university, and this helped to create positive changes within Robinson. Creating positive changes is something that I am very passionate about, therefore I am looking forward to raising donations for this purpose through the telephone campaign. I am excited to speak with Robinson alumni of their experience at Robinson as well, and of what they have achieved since their graduation at Cambridge

Ms Charlotte Duckett (Biological Natural Sciences 2020 - Hello, I'm Charlotte, and I am a third year Biological Natural Sciences student at Robinson. I have been part of the Robinson College Student Association (RCSA) for two years, first as Women’s and Non-Binary Officer, and then as Treasurer, and I have also been part of Freshers’ Week Committee for the past two years. I have really enjoyed these roles because they have given me the opportunity to work with the staff and students of Robinson and make positive changes in college. I have really enjoyed my time at Robinson so far, and I particularly appreciate the friendly atmosphere and amazing people I have met. I am passionate about raising money to make Robinson even better, and I am also excited to speak to alumni about their experiences at Robinson, and to learn about what they have gone on to do since graduating.

Miss Faith Falayi (English 2021) - Hello, my name is Faith and I'm a second year English student at Robinson. In my first year I participated on the Robinson College Student Association (RCSA) as one of two Racial Equality Officers. This role was dedicated to making the college as comfortable as possible for student of colour as well working with college on various Widening Participation and Outreach programmes. This year, I'm working on the Student Union's BME Campaign as Vice-Chair, looking to drive institutional changes and support BME students on a university level. So far, my time at Robinson has been extremely valuable so I'm eager to contribute to our college community and chat to alumni about such a great cause

Miss Ingrid Giles (MML 2021) Hello! I’m Ingrid, a second year studying German and Portuguese as part of the MML Tripos, and I’m particularly interested in Lusophone African literature and modern German culture. My favourite places in Robinson are the beautiful gardens and the music rooms, which I’ve recently been using to try and learn piano! I applied to Robinson because of its unique architecture and great location, but what I love about it most now that I’m here is the friendly college community. I’m looking forward to doing the campaign in order to support this community by hearing from alumni about their experiences in college and hopefully understanding a bit more about the history of the college, but also by raising money so that current and future students can more easily access studying here.

Miss Sarah Kasas (Medicine 2020) - I am a third year Medicine student at Robinson, so currently I am in my intercalated year studying Psychology and Behavioural sciences. While at Robinson I’ve enjoyed singing in chapel choir and playing college netball and hockey. Robinson feels like a second home as everyone is so friendly and interesting and the staff are so caring and hardworking. The college is absolutely beautiful and I love admiring the gardens in Easter term and relaxing in the cafe at Christmas with all the lights and decorations. The college has really supported me in my time here and I recognise that none of the important things I’ve listed above would be possible without funding. Therefore I am really excited to give back to the college and help raise money in the Telephone campaign. I am really excited to speak to alumni and hear about what they’ve been doing since graduating, how Robinson has changed and hopefully get some advice for the future.

Miss Ruth Jepkemoi (MPhil Conservation Leadership 2022) - I am a conservation leadership student from Kenya. Having travelled abroad for the first time, Robinson college offered me the support to settle in nicely. I have made new friends in the MCR who have positively impacted my day-to-day life as a student. The beautiful gardens in the college offer a serene environment, which has inspired me to take up the leadership position in the MCR committee as the green officer. Being part of the college green team has been fun, exciting, and resourceful. Living in the college accommodation has allowed me to interact with a diversity of students from different ethnicities.  I am a beneficiary of a scholarship; therefore, I have experienced a seen how bursaries can make one achieve their dreams. I aim to ensure that students like me achieve their goals by encouraging alums to support the bursaries. I am excited to talking to lots of alumni during the campaign about their time at Robinson, and to learn what graduates have gone on to do and accomplish since their time at Cambridge. 

Miss Onyinyechi Kaine-Ejimogu (Law 2020) -  Hello I’m Onyi, a third-year student at Robinson studying Law. During my time at Robinson, I have played in the College Netball Team, worked on the May Ball Design Team for Robinson’s May Ball in 2022 where the team designed and created the various decorations for the Moulin Rouge themed ball. My favourite place in Robinson would have to be the Red Brick Café, also known as the RBC. A café, a bar and plus the ability to work (and socialise) – what more could you want? As someone who has benefitted from the College’s financial support, I am looking forward to fundraising so that Robinson can continue to provide support for current and incoming students! I am also excited to talk to the alumni, learn about their time at Robinson and their advice for the future.

Mr Joel Nesbit (Classics 2020) - I’m a 4-Year Classics student from North Yorkshire currently in my 3rd year at Robinson. In the last 3 years I’ve gotten to read across all aspects of Classics, and I’m currently focusing on Comparative Linguistics and Hellenistic Sculpture. I have valued my time at Robinson greatly, and particularly appreciate the college’s focus on student well-being, ranging from support systems to comfortable, affordable accommodation. I am excited for the opportunity to raise money for our college to support my friends and future students here, making sure they get the most out of their college experience. I am also keen to speak with Robinson alumni to get a better understanding of the college’s history and people.

Miss Kazienka Pendlebury (MML 2019) - Hi, I’m Kasia. I’m a fourth year MML student and I spent my year abroad working in Paris and volunteering in Buenos Aires. This year I am studying Latin American literature as well as modern thought, literature and film in France. I know Robinson very well at this point and have been involved in all sorts of activities such as the Alana Cutland Feminist Society, college netball, and welcoming both domestic and international freshers in fresher's week. Outside of college I really enjoy dancing and have competed at a university level for the Cambridge University Dancesport Team. I’m also doing student radio this year as well as writing the odd article for student publications.  I’m really looking forward to chatting to alumni and raising money for all the great projects Robinson has going on! Especially now more than ever it feels very important to me to raise money for bursaries that help to break down barriers in higher education. 

Mx Ash Scully (Law 2021) - Hey, I’m Ash (they/them) and I’m a second-year Law student! This year, my chosen papers are Human Rights Law, Family Law and Criminal Procedure and Evidence. I’m very grateful for the academic support provided by Robinson, which is particularly excellent for law; we even have our own well-stocked law library! My favourite part of Robinson is the gardens, especially a little corner next to the pond that has the most beautiful flowers in spring and summer. There’s a surprising amount of wildlife too; I’ve seen jays and herons from my window, deer in the garden, and even a fox on a first-floor balcony! In many ways, Robinson is my home, and I’m very proud to be part of the amazing, tight-knit and welcoming community here. The pastoral support provided by the college has been invaluable in helping me get through some difficult times in the past year. In particular, the college welfare team have been – and will likely continue to be – an excellent source of support and guidance for me as I navigate the highs and lows of university life. I applied for the Telephone Campaign because I want to help the college continue to provide this extremely important support. I’m also really looking forward to talking to the alumni and hearing about their experiences at Robinson. One of the best things about studying at Cambridge is the incredible range of people that you meet, and I’m excited to see what new and interesting stories I’ll hear while working for the Telephone Campaign!