Building Resilience: Student Wellbeing Appeal

Robinson has always endeavoured to be a place where its students can thrive. There has always been a network of academics and staff that students can call on when help and advice is needed. Recent years however have had an impact on the students and the need for support has increased.

The anxiety and isolation associated with the pandemic, and the economic pressures facing many families, mean that our sharp focus on this subject and expenditure on pastoral care must continue and grow.

We must invest in our students' ability to make the most of their time with us. This appeal asks for your help in strengthening our ability to do just that.

See here why alumnus Robert Webb (English, 1992) supports this vital initiative.

‘Alumni will remember well that support for students has always been an important part of the Cambridge model.  At Robinson, our support network currently includes our Tutors and Senior Tutor, the College Chaplain, our in-house Nurse and a College-based Counsellor; but demand for their services is growing, and changing.  We must meet that increased demand, and that is one reason for making this appeal.  But, just as important, we want to keep Robinson among the most forward-looking and imaginative of the Cambridge colleges in our approach to welfare and wellbeing’. Sir Richard Heaton, Warden

(To read the Warden's letter in full, please see the tab on the right of the page)

Recent years have seen an increase in the requirement for additional support and we now must not only respond to the needs of our students, but should aim to be one of the most forward-looking and imaginative of the Cambridge Colleges in our approach to welfare and wellbeing.

We can meet this need by expanding our Welfare and Wellbeing Team and by creating a post to manage and co-ordinate the work of this team. A post we hope to recruit as soon as possible. A safe and confidential space for students to meet with this team is also a priority and work will soon begin to create a Wellbeing Centre in Thorneycreek House.

'As we all continue to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, student welfare has never been more important. We believe that the creation of a ‘Welfare Team’ will be transformative for our students, enabling them to thrive academically and socially and to make the most of their precious years at University. We couldn’t be more excited about these developments designed to support our students in the best possible ways.' Dr David Woodman, Senior Tutor

As well as being able to provide the right critical support at the right time, the newly created team will be better-placed to provide guidance on measures such as improved nutrition, exercise and sleep to help prevent an issue becoming a crisis. For more information, please see here

Please help Robinson to lead the way in student wellbeing and welfare.

  • 1 gift of £6.75 per month could enable a struggling student to participate in sport at the University Sports Centre.
  • 1 gift of £20.25 per month could help three students participate in sport.
  • 30 gifts of £30 per month could ensure the continuation of extra counselling resources for Robinson students.
  • 24 gifts of £45 per month could ensure the continuation of the additional resource for our College Nurse.
  • 1 gift of £5k would help secure specialist mental health support for a student who needs it.
  • 1 gift of £10k would help refurbish and equip the new Wellbeing Centre
  • 2 gifts of £30k could fund the Head of Welfare post for 1 year