The following elections and awards have been made:


Elected into Senior Scholarships:   Barbour, G. (Natural Sciences); Carter, Z. O. (Natural Sciences); Dalgleish, A. M. (Computer Science); Grafton, A. J. (Engineering); Hart, O. C. M. (Natural Sciences); Holloway, C. (Modern & Medieval Languages); McGill, M. A. (Natural Sciences); Pinder, J. (Natural Sciences); Schmidt, J. B. C. (Natural Sciences); Teal, M. (Natural Sciences); Zhou, A. (Mathematics).       

Elected into Titular Scholarships:   Austin-Gonzalez, C. M. S. (Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic); Barton, G. P. (Natural Sciences); Cooper, L. J. (Mathematics); Hemingway, C. S. (Medicine); Ioannou, P. (Natural Sciences); Krish, M. (Human, Social & Political Sciences); Kuleindiren, D. (Computer Science); McGeever, A. (Modern & Medieval Languages); Mohammed, R. (Medicine); Normanton, H. (History); Robinson, E. J. (Law).

Elected into College Scholarships for Graduates:   Arun, K. (Clinical Medicine); Leighton, A. J. S. (Master of Law); Lo, C. H. (Master of Advanced Study in Pure Mathematics); Mason, T. P. (Master of Law); Muller, R. L. (Clinical Veterinary Medicine); Panayi, M. (Master of Law); (Richardson, A. R. (Clinical Veterinary Medicine); Siu, H. P. A. (Master of Corporate Law).   

Elected into Scholarships:   Allt, C. R. (Human, Social & Political Sciences); Ames, E. B. H. (Natural Sciences); Ataii, T. S. (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies); Banks, T. M. J. (Philosophy); Baranowski, A. (Natural Sciences); Bigali, D. (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies); Boys-Stones, W. (English); Buck, J. A. (Natural Sciences); Chalton Hellyer, T. (English Prelims); Chapman, M. S. (Geography); Constable, H. (Theological & Religious Studies); Curran, A. (Natural Sciences); Fisher, A. T. B. (Philosophy); Grant, S. (Music); Grimm, M. J. (Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic); Holmes, C. I. J. (Natural Sciences); Holt, M. S. (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies); Huysmans, L. (Mathematics); Jacquemot, A. (Engineering); Jenne, J. H. (Natural Sciences); Kirk, C. (Veterinary Medicine); Kotz, M. (Natural Sciences); Lee, M. H. K. (Natural Sciences); McKee, S. T. (Natural Sciences); Morales, A. A. A. (Modern & Medieval Languages); Mudge, H. (Natural Sciences); Safeer, U. (Medicine); Simpson, C. L. (Geography); Skottis, D. (Engineering); Tang, H-Y. (Enconomics); Turner, E. J. L. (Modern & Medieval Languages); Webb, M. J. (Natural Sciences); Xu, L. (Engineering); Zhang, J. (Natural Sciences).        

Re-elected into Scholarships:   Altmann-Richer, E. S. A. (Linguistics); Birch, W. (History); Chua, D. E. (Mathematics); Colledge, J. (Natural Sciences); Dalgleish, A. (Natural Sciences); Dell, L. A. (Geography); Efiong, J. (Engineering); Elsner, J. B. D. (Natural Sciences); Faraj, Z. (Music);  Garlake, E. (Modern & Medieval Languages); Goodall, R. E. A. (Natural Sciences); Gooding, C. (Veterinary Medicine); Hartley, E. M. C. (Law); Herlekar, R. D. (Medicine); Hughes, W. (Natural Sciences); Jadczak, M. N. (Computer Science); Lewis, S. (Land Economy); Medhurst, M. E. (Engineering); Ng, T. Z. (Economics); Pollard, T. (Natural Sciences); Rice-Jones, M. (Modern & Medieval Languages); Ryan, C. P. (Computer Science); Silawattakun, P. (Chemical Engineering); Tesh, O. (Natural Sciences); Timmins, J. (Mathematics); Wang, J. (Chemical Engineering).       



          The Warden’s Prize:  Krish, M. 

          The Linton Seu-Kwan Chu Prize:  Marino, A. N. and Barbour, G.

          Victor Chu Prize for Academic Achievement:  Allt, C. R. and Altmann-Richer, E. S. A. 

          Victor Chu Prize for Academic Improvement:  Cooper, L. J. and Hemingway, C. S.

          The Adrian Knight Prize in Computer Science:  Ryan, C. P.

          College Prize for IA Engineering:  Skottis, D. 

          The Part IB Prize in Engineering:  Medhurst, M. E. 

          College Prize for Electrical Engineering:  Grafton, A. J.

          Bloomsbury Prize in English:  Trevor-Harris, F. I. A.  

          The Leonard Conolly Prize for English:  Boys-Stones, W.

          The Smale-Charmes Prize for Geography:  Chapman, M. S., Simpson, C. L. and Sands, A.

          The Steve Trudgill Prize for Geography:  Chapman, M. S.

          The Steve Trudgill Dissertation Prize:  Shotnes, B. D.

          The Trevelyan History Prize:  Marino, A. N. 

          The Paul Brown Memorial Prize for History:  Birch, W.    

          Nicola Blakeman Memorial Prize:  Tolson, O., Biggadike, M. R. and Robinson, E. J.

          The Adrian Knight Prize in Mathematics:  Timmins, J.

          Fröhlich Prize for Mathematics:  Chua, D. E.

          Ruth Brooks-Fröhlich Scholarship:  Safeer, U.    

          College Prize for Modern Languages:  Turner, E. J. L.   

          The Susanna West Yates Translation Prize:  Turner, E. J. L.

          John Lyndon Whittaker Prize for Music:  Gray, A.   

          College Prize for Natural Sciences:  Baranowski, A. and Dalgleish, A.

          The Lewis Prize in Chemistry:  McGill, M. A.

          Mathers Prize in Physical Natural Sciences:  Hart, O. C. M.        

          Fred Boyne Sporting Achievements:  Lehovsky, K., Weaver, E. A. and Colverd, T. G.

College Prizes:   Allt, C. R.; Altmann-Richer, E. S. A.; Ames, E. B. H.; Ataii, T. S.; Austin-Gonzalez, C. M. S.; Banks, T. M. J.; Baranowski, A.; Barbour, G.; Barton, G. P.; Bigali, D.; Birch, W.; Boys-Stones, W.; Buck, J. A.; Carter, Z. O.; Chalton Hellyer, T.; Chapman, M. S.; Chua, D. E.; Constable, H.; Cooper, L. J.; Curran, A.; Dalgleish, A.; Dalgleish, A. M.; Dureau, J. V.; Fisher, A. T. B.; Goodall, R. E. A.; Gooding, C.; Grafton, A. J.; Grant, S.; Grimm, M. J.; Hart, O. C. M.; Hemingway, C. S.; Holloway, C.; Holmes, C. I. J.; Holt, M. S.; Hughes, W.; Huysmans, L.; Ioannou, P.; Jacquemot, A.; Jadczak, M. N.; Jenne, J. H.; Jones, N.; Kirk, C.; Kotz, M.; Krish, M.; Kuleindiren, D.; Lee, M. H. K.; Magnus, N. S.; Marino, A. N.; McComas, C. L.; McGeever, A.; McKee, S. T.; Medhurst, M. E.; Mohammed, R.; Morales, A. A. A.; Mudge, H.; Normanton, H.; Robinson, E. J.; Ryan, C. P.; Safeer, U.; Schmidt, J. B. C.; Silawattakun, P.; Simpson, C. L.; Skottis, D.; Tang, H-Y.; Teal, M.; Timmins, J.; Tulsiani, B.; Turner, E. J. L.; Webb, M. J.; Wetter-Sanchez, H.; Xu, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhou, A.    

Mooting Cup Competition:   Tolson, O.   

Clyde & Co. Prize for IB Law:   Hartley, E. M. C.