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"Garden birch, cardoon and tulip" by Dr Steve Trudgill


"Cabin in the woods" by Nicholas Ashford 


"Aloe polyphylia in the Botanic Garden" by Katherine Fitton


"Sunset" by Andy Barker


"Tricyrts Formosana" by Andy Barker


"Thornham" by Andy Baker


"Freedom the Flower" by Stephan van Wyk


"Cherry Bee" by Prof Alison Young


"Ely River" by Prof Alison Young


"Red Lion Pub and Manor House from my garden" by Dr Steve Trudgill


'Nula' by Nicholas Ashford


“A temple in Koyasan with Sanskrit letter” by Bill Mak


"6 Adams Road" by Hilary Jean Gibson


"The new Archive Building and the garden of 5 Adams Road  11th March 2020" by Joan Bullock-Anderson


"Cat in the garden No. 1" by Louisa Denby


"Cat in the garden No. 2" by Louisa Denby


Untitled by Elena Schafer


"Cader Idris and Afon Mawddach" by Prof. Geoffrey Greatrex


“White Table, Primrose Heal”​ oil on canvas by Judith Brown


"Robinson College" by Sarah Beth Hsieh​


"Silhouette in Orange" by Teddy Mac


"I got eyes everywhere" by Mike Hauser


"Summer in Alaska" by Nicholas Ashford




"Spring by the River Cam, Hinxton" by Dr Steve Trudgill



"Tulip No. 1" by Linda Hunns




"Tulip No. 2" by Linda Hunns



"Hoar Frost" by Norbert Truszczynski




"Maya" by Norbert Truszczynski




"Mr Stork" by Norbert Truszczynski




"Us" by Alice Truszczynska



"Expansive Wishing" by Kelly Li



"Bailey" by Emma Jackson (Watercolour)



"The Blue Whale" by Emma Jackson (Watercolour)



Untitled by Sue West Yates


"Canna leaf & lillies: 2020" by Susan Drucker-Brown (Oil)


"Snettisham beach: 2019" by Susan Drucker-Brown (Oil)


"Handicrafts on a Parisian street" by Rui Xuan


"Sunset in Bali" by Rui Xuan


"Winter in an oriental watertown" by Rui Xuan


"A New Zealand Farm" by Rui Xuan


"Outlook" by Rui Xuan


"Dessert in a Japanese restaurant" by Rui Xuan


"Snowman outside a bookshop" by Rui Xuan


"A night in Pyongyang" by Rui Xuan


"The Andromeda Galaxy" by Martin Hawkes 


"The Orion Nebula" by Martin Hawkes


"Autumn colours" by Guy Fuller


"Homestead" by Nicholas Ashford


"Mountain View" by Nicholas Ashford


"Mountain Peaks" by Nicholas Ashford


"Tree Of Life" by Nicholas Ashford


"The Hanging Tree" by Nicholas Ashford


Night Garden Thorneycreek Rosa glauca (rubrifolia) by Desmond O'Grady


Night Garden Thorneycreek Cytisus arboreus by Desmond O'Grady


PYE . Chalk pastel . 2020 by Desmond O'Grady


Hinxton Old Manor House by Steve Trudgill


Spring Crocus by Steve Trudgill