To arrange a group booking which has more than three non-member guests you will need to book for a Tuesday Hall.

  • Check your intended group adheres to the Maximum group numbers listed below for Tuesday and Friday halls
  • Check availability with the Catering Office and reserve the number of places you require, (Please do this at least 14 days before the date of the hall as availability can be limited)
  • Do not assume space will be available - ALWAYS check first before inviting your guests.
  • Complete the Group Booking Form (Word Version or PDF Version) and hand in to the Catering office no later than one week before the hall
  • Indicate any pre-orderd wine on the booking form. The cost which will be charged to your Epos account together with the booked meals.
  • The final numbers and names of those in the group will be confirmed and booked at this stage. Payment will be taken from your card (food purse) one week before the hall
  • At this stage you will be asked to sign the Group Booking Agreement on the Group Booking Form which commits you to the number of meals you have booked, and to take responsibility for the guests you invited
  • Failure to produce the names and full payment at this one week deadline will result in your reservation being released. Bookings will then only be available on the website

Tuesday Hall Maximum group size is 36 people, members or non members, including yourself.

Friday Hall Maximum group size is 18 people and the ratio of guests to Robinson members of 3:1 still applies.

As group organiser you are responsible for ensuring the following:

  • There is enough credit on your card (food purse) to cover payment at the ONE WEEK deadline. (You may collect cash from the members of your group and top up your card with this  cash, prior to the payment date if you wish)
  • All dietary requirements for each member of your group are recorded on the Group Booking Form (Word Version or PDF Version)
  • You and your guests adhere to the agreement you have signed
  • If there are any amendments to your group booking after the booking deadline of one week prior to the hall, that the Catering Office is notified, as staff and food will have been ordered
  • Failure to notify us of amendments will result in a charge being made

Terms of booking:

  • Any places cancelled within 48 hours of the hall taking place will be charged for
  • Any names not entered in full with their college name if applicable may be refused entry