Library Committee

The Fellow Librarian is responsible for the Library to the Library Committee, of which at least two members are Junior Members. The Committee normally meets once a term.

Important: It is hoped that all members of the College will feel at home in the library and will use it to the full. Suggestions for improvement will be welcomed by the Committee and the library staff, who are ready to help in any way they can.

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Library History

The College began buying books for its undergraduate library in 1977 and stored them, by courtesy of the University Librarian and his staff, in the University Library tower. In 1979, 2,000 books were organized in Thorneycreek for the use of the first twenty under-graduates who came up in October of that year. The whole stock was moved into the new college building in the Spring of 1981.

The library is built on three floors and is remarkable for its woodwork, which won the Carpenter’s Award for 1981. There are seats for 84 readers, with two enclosed rooms on the lower floor housing the Library IT Room and the Microfiche Reading and Equipment Room.

The Law Library

The Law Library began life in 1980 with the purchase of the Law Reports and other journals; these were housed initially in 5 Adams Road but were moved in 1983 to Teaching Room no. 3, on the floor above the main library. It was enlarged in 1991 under the sponsorship of Messrs. Watson, Farley and Williams. Their sponsorship continued until 2000 and included the purchase of books and journals.

Our current sponsor is Herbert Smith LLP, who has generously provided funds for the purchase of legal textbooks since 2005.

The Hockerill Books

Of the 23,000 books accumulated by 1979, 18,000 had been bought from Hockerill College, Bishops Stortford on its closure in 1978. These provided a depth of material in the Fine Arts, History and English Literature that could not otherwise have been achieved at this early stage.