Junior Members may borrow up to eight books at one time, for a period of two weeks, if not required by anyone else.

The library operates a self-issue system for the borrowing of books.

Self Service Borrowing Procedure

  • Place your university card under the red scanning beam. Your reader record will appear on the adjacent computer screen.
  • Place the book to be borrowed front cover down on the silver plate with the barcode positioned under the red scanning beam (the barcode has a 6 figure digit beginning with the letter T)
  • The details of the book will quickly appear on your reader record on the computer screen.
  • Leave the book on the silver plate until the green light (top right corner) goes on then off. This should take approximately ten seconds.
  • If the book is removed too quickly, the security system will be activated on leaving the library. If this happens please return to the library desk, where staff will assist you.
  • Stamp the return date on the label at the front of the book, so that you know when it is due back. Fines are charged on overdue books!
  • Repeat this procedure for all books borrowed and when finished, single click on the back button on the computer screen. This will clear your record from the screen and the screen will be ready for the next borrower.

If the self-issue system is not working

Please complete a paper borrowing form, which is available at the self-issue station, and leave at the library desk.  All items borrowed will be added to your record by library staff once the system is working again.

Renewing Books

Books can be renewed up to 3 times before they have to be returned to the library.

Books can be renewed in person using the procedure described above, or can be renewed remotely via the library catalogue, Heritage Online.

  • Click Enter Library.
  • Enter your Reader Code, printed on the back of your University card.
  • Click Login.  You can access your account via one of the blue links to either your name  or the number of items on loan, or click on the grey account tab.
  • You can then renew any books on loan to you by clicking the box next to the required title and clicking the Renew button.
  • Please remember to log out of your account when you are finished in order that no one else can access it.

A book may be renewed providing that:

  • It is not required by another reader.
  • It has not been borrowed for the vacation (All books must be returned to the shelves at the beginning of each term).
  • Books on loan during term time cannot be renewed for the vacation.


When the library is staffed, please hand books to library staff, or leave on the library desk.

When the library is unstaffed, place books in the book return box on the entrance floor to the library. If the book is large or fragile, please leave on the trolley next to the book return box in order that the books are not damaged. A book return form can be filled in if you want to do so, but this is not compulsory.

Overdue Books

Readers will be informed by email when a book becomes overdue. There is no upper limit on fines. The weekly rate will continue to double for each week that the book is not returned. Fines can be avoided by returning or renewing your books on time!

Fines for overdue books

  • 5p per book per day for the first week.
  • 10p per book per day for the second week.
  • 20p per book per day for the third week.
  • 40p per book per day for the fourth week.

Fines for books which are recalled when requested by another reader (you have three days in which to return the book) are:

  • 50p per book per day

Fines are payable at the end of term and charged to your College Bill, but can be avoided by returning or renewing your books on time!

Readers will be charged for the replacement of any lost or damaged books.

Reserving Books

Books can be reserved by accessing your reader record via Heritage Online.

  • Click Enter Library
  • Search for the required books and click the Reserve button
  • Enter your University code, printed underneath the barcode on the reverse of your University card, and the book will be reserved for you.
  • You will be notified by email when the books is available.
  • If you no longer require the book, please inform Library staff so that the book can be returned to the shelf for other people to use.
  • Reserved books will be kept for one week and then returned to the shelves if not collected.
  • Only items that have a loan status of On loan can be reserved. If the book has a loan status of Available it can be found on the Library shelves.