The photocopier is situated on the entrance floor of the library, next to the library desk.

In order to use the copier, credit should be added to your University Card.

Photocopying or Printing to a Photocopier charges

  • A4 - 7p per sheet (mono)
  • A4 - 20p per sheet (colour)
  • A3 - 14p per sheet (mono)
  • A3 - 40p per sheet (colour)

Binding Machine

There is a comb binding machine kept on the lower floor of the Library for binding coursework. Plastic combs and covers can be purchased from the Library desk as follows:

  • 2 covers plus one spine £1
  • 1 cover 40p
  • 1 spine 35p

Microfiche Reader

A microfiche reader is available in the microfiche room on the lower floor along with

Cambridge University Engineering Tripos solutions, 1980 - 2007
Cambridge University Chemical Engineering Tripos solutions, 1983 - 2000

IT Facilities

The Library has wireless internet access and also a Library IT Room on the lower floor where there are two computers with internet access.  There is also a scanner available in this room.

They are both on the University MCS system and can be accessed by using your Raven password.

There are further MCS computers located close by, in Teaching Room 1, just above the Porters' Lodge.

In order to print you will need to add credit to your printing account.  More information can be found on the IT Department’s Printing FAQ page

Printing to a Laserjet Printer charges

  • A4 - 7p per side (mono)
  • A4 - 20p per side (colour)

Miscellaneous Equipment

We have a number of book rests which are available for use in the library.  Please ask at the library desk if you would like to borrow one.

The library also has other equipment such as a guillotine, hole punch, stapler and pencil sharpener which are all available in the photocopy room and for use in the library only.

We also have a heavy duty stapler and hole punch. Please ask library staff if you wish to use these items. 


Page updated 12th October 2017