1. Smoking is not permitted and we ask that you consume food outside the Library. Hot and cold drinks are allowed as long as they are in covered containers.  Any user found in the Library with food or uncovered drinks will be reported to the relevant Tutor and be required to do a period of community service within the Library.
  2. There is no rule of silence but readers are asked to avoid any activity likely to disturb others.
  3. Readers must show their University Card if requested to do so.
  4. Readers must leave bags and other containers in a designated area if requested to do so.
  5. On leaving the Library, readers may be required to show all their books, personal or otherwise, at the issue desk.
  6. Personal property must be cleared from the library tables before you leave the Library, unless you are only taking a short break. Any property left overnight will be moved from tables. Readers are asked to return dictionaries, reference books and any books which are not being borrowed and are not required for further study, to the Library shelves.
  7. Please treat all equipment and resources with care. In the case of loss or damage, books are the responsibility of the person who has signed for them. Any person known to have marked a book, even in pencil, will be subject to a fine. Missing books should be reported immediately to library staff, who will help to locate them, but if not found, the cost of replacing lost books will be charged to the borrower.
  8.  Readers are requested to switch their phones to silent.