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Bowl Food

At last, the menu designed to enable your delegates to keep on talking... excellent for exhibitions, networking events or when time is critical and delegates need to get on with the business in hand!

Our innovative new style of service features your selection of dishes, served in convenient hand-sized bowls and delivered to your delegates so there's no queuing. From the start of your meal break, our waiting staff will be circulating amongst your guests with the various dishes you have chosen - a mix of hot and cold, savoury and sweet, vegetarian, traditional, exotic. And each member of staff carries the menu you've chosen so delegates can check and be sure not to miss out on any of the delicious offerings.

Suitable for groups of between 50 and 120 delegates, our bowl food menu offers something rather more substantial than canapés or a finger buffet and is an excellent alternative to a full meal or buffet without the need for formal seating. Exhibitors love this because the delegates come to them and stay. No more rushing off to the buffet - the food comes to them.

Download the Bowl Food Menu here.