A Level: A*AA IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level. For other qualifications, see the Cambridge University main Entrance requirements pages.

Please note; Robinson only takes applications for Chinese or Japanese Studies.

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies immerses students in the study of the most dynamic region in the world today.  The core of the course is intensive language training, and students choose to major in either Chinese or Japanese Studies.  In the first and second years, courses on history are required, and the department also offers papers on literature, classical languages, Korean language, politics, society, and cinema.  In the third year, there is the opportunity to study abroad in the country of their specialization.  In the fourth year, students undertake a dissertation project in addition to the usual coursework.  By the time they graduate, students are able to converse comfortably in Chinese or Japanese and have the basics to conduct academic research in the language of their choice.

Robinson is the only college at Cambridge that has three fellows in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. This allows us to offer a greater level of personal attention to students.  Though supervisions are organized centrally in the department, we offer additional instruction to help students develop the skills necessary to achieve their academic goals.  Robinson also tries to have larger cohorts because we believe that the support that students provide each other can be just as important as that provided by the teaching staff.  In each of the past three years, at least one student has received a First class mark, and we are looking for students to continue this academic excellence.  We also aim to foster a friendly and fun social environment with special tables at Formal Hall and informal dinners with Chinese takeout.  With its excellent facilities, Robinson is also the venue for numerous talks, film showings, and cultural events on East Asia, such as a Korean Food Festival and a performance of traditional Japanese music.

Subject Requirements

Essential: There are no specific requirements for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Previous study of Chinese or Japanese is not required.

Highly Desirable: A foreign language such as German, Russian, or Latin.  One essay-based subject at A-level such as History or English Literature.

Written Work

No written work required. 

Admission Assessments

All Colleges require AMES applicants wishing to study a European Language to take the relevant MML admissions assessment. Please see the MML course page for information on the assessment format.

For further information, please view the entry requirements tab on:

Applicants do not need to sit a pre-interview assessment.

Director of Studies - Dr Noga Ganany

Teaching Fellows in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies - Prof. Peter Kornicki and Dr. Robert Weatherley 

Further information

The Faculty’s admissions webpage

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Information from the Cambridge Admissions website)

For incoming 1st year students studying Chinese, the following reading list will be helpful: AMES Chinese Reading List

For incoming 1st year students studying Japanese, the following reading list will be helpful: AMES Japanese Reading List

Updated October 2020