Offers are made on the basis of a careful interviewing procedure that involves the submission of written work (two recent pieces of marked English Literature schoolwork) as well as your performance in the ELAT. As a candidate in English you will have two interviews. These are wide-ranging conversations, in the style of a Cambridge supervision, in which you may be asked about your schoolwork, about any special cultural or intellectual interests you have mentioned on your application form, and about literature in general.  We will also seek to test your sensitivity to language and your ability to think clearly and logically by asking you to respond to some unseen poetry or prose. In these interviews, more than how much you already know or how well you have been taught, we are interested in your raw ability: this should include a readiness to respond to challenges to your opinion, holding firm and arguing your case where appropriate, but also modifying your opinion in the light of contradictory evidence.

Updated May 2016