Most of this Michaelmas term is focused on recruitment and training of novices with the aim of competing in the Fairbairn Cup Races on 30 November and 1 December,  at the end of term. This task has been undertaken with aplomb by this year’s LBCs and we have also had a major recruitment drive for coxes, to try and alleviate one of RCBC's recent Achilles heels.

The Seniors have also been busy training to maintain their fitness with their eyes set on bumps and more presently Senior Fairbairn's. To this end, RCBC entered a strong 'Freshers IV' into Uni IVs consisting of two ex-school boy seniors (Harris and Sam) and two new fresher school boy rowers (Harry and Ben). With coaching from Greg Tainter, Oli Tesh and Shipley. They were looking mighty going into the competition, but had the misfortune to be drawn against Caius, who beat all other crews by 10+ second margins. We like to think we were second fastest in the completion and only lost out by a poor draw.

The Fairbairn Cup races map