Henry St Leger graduated in English in 2015 from Robinson College. He is a playwright, theatre-maker and copy-editor, with experience running a leading review website at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He worked on around 30 theatre productions in his time at Cambridge, and as a writer focuses on pop culture and the onset of technology in our lives today.

The Marlowe Society, a University-wide drama society for Cambridge students, reached out to Henry after hearing he had been accepted onto the Royal Court Young Writers programme in London, which he attended for the last couple of months. The Royal Court is the UK's primary new writing theatre and use the programme to develop promising young writers at the start of their career. The course involved practical and theoretical writing exercises Marlowe Society thought would be useful for current students beginning their writing practice, and on 11th November Henry ran a playwriting workshop in Pembroke College, Cambridge. Around ten current students attended for an informal session, a mix of undergraduates and MA / mature students. They discussed narrative structure, the reasons and drive behind why playwrights write, and how to plan story arcs for stage. The most common questions were in how to expand their drama experience post-university, i.e. where to showcase their work or look for opportunities. The Marlowe Society is looking at ways to strengthen their network of drama alumni and is putting on several such workshops throughout the year.

The Royal Court Theatre