Hello everyone!

I hope week 1 hasn’t been too crazy!

I’d like to just focus on food and sustainability this week, as there’s so much happening in Cambridge that people really should get involved in.

1: First up, of course, we have our own COMMUNITY FRIDGE: if you’re not on the facebook page already, then you can find us here, so please join and say hello, and grab yourself some tasty food while you’re at it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1985698318386424/

What we need to appreciate is that the Sell By date is only for the shops to look at, it is the Best Before date that is for the consumer. If it’s passed it’s Sell By date, it’s still good to eat! And often things a day or two past their Best Before date are still edible: it’s only a guideline for when it’s most tasty and not for it necessarily being bad to eat!


2: While many colleges have a community fridge, the city of Cambridge also has a physical fridge packed full of free food for anyone. So head down to the EDGE Café at the end of Mill Road (apparently Monday is the best day for food collection) for some more free food when your student loan begins to run out. 

3: The Cambridge local charity Food Cycle takes food donations from local supermarkets and cooks up delicious three course meals a few times each week for anyone who would like a FREE hot (veggie/vegan) meal in the city: https://www.facebook.com/foodcyclecambridge/. Follow them on facebook to keep up with their events each week. If you’d also be interested in volunteering with the cooking/serving/cleaning one week, they’re always looking for volunteers, so have a look on the website and sign yourself up for a slot!

We all know the impact of meat and dairy farming on the planet, so please consider your food choices and where you’re investing your money as a consumer. Youtube is a great place for inventive recipe ideas - go and check out Cheap Lazy Vegan, The Happy Pear… there are hundreds of veggie/vegan ideas out there! Even if you’re just trying out Veganuary, or going veggie one day of the week it’s all helping the planet, so yay to that :) 

There are also some lovely cafes/restaurants in Cambridge which cater well for vegans/veggies: 

I recommend Stem and Glory (new cafe on King’s Street), Stickybeaks, Rainbow Cafe, Indigo, Wagamama (new vegan menu), Pizza Hut now offers fully vegan pizzas, The Old Bicycle Shop, Trockel, The Urban Shed, Hot Numbers…. so go and explore some of these lovely places!

Here’s an great list of all the chains doing Veganuary this year: https://veganuary.com/blog/the-best-chain-restaurants-to-check-out-in-veganuary-2018/




  • Cambridge Sustainable Food is looking for ambassadors - click here for more information.


Please send any questions or ideas my way, I’m always happy to talk about anything green :) 

Lots of love,

Alice Gilderdale