Robinson is delighted to offer financial support, through its Kuok Group Foundation Scholarship scheme, established with generous assistance from the Kuok Group Foundation, to up to 5 very able students from the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), excluding the Special Administrative Regions who wish to read for undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Engineering or Computer Science. These Scholarships are of the value of £41,500 per student per year, to cover the cost of College and University fees and maintenance costs during the period of undergraduate study. Funding is also available to cover the costs of any additional expenses that those successful students may incur in establishing their eligibility or to meet admissions requirements for their chosen course (more information about what additional expenses are covered can be found at the end of this section*).

These Scholarships are available for those students from the PRC who meet the following criteria:

  • to be registered for courses which lead to an undergraduate degree in Tripos schemes for Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics;
  • to have been largely educated within the PRC;
  • to be of and come from a family of extremely modest financial means; to be wholly unable, without financial support from the Scholarships, to take up a place at the University of Cambridge;
  • to be of a character, and have the willingness and intention, to make a positive contribution to the PRC and the communities within it on graduation

Those students interested in being considered for one of these Scholarships are required to apply as a candidate for admission to the University of Cambridge via Robinson College to study one of the three qualifying subjects within the scheme. This should be done in the normal way using the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) system, more details about which can be found here: If you are interested in being considered for one of these Scholarships, please indicate this in the COPA form. For any further information, please contact the Robinson College admissions office:

Prospective candidates are advised that the academic standard required for the award of a Scholarship is a very high one and reaching the standard required for admission to the University of Cambridge will be no guarantee of an award. These Scholarships are limited in number and will be awarded, provided there are candidates of the requisite academic standard, to qualifying students on a competitive basis.

* Additional expenses considered:

i) the cost of sitting any entrance examination as specified by Robinson, such as Sixth Term Examination Paper in Mathematics (STEP).

ii) the cost of taking the examination under the International English Language Test System (IELTS) or equivalent.

iii) reasonable costs involved in attending a course of instruction in the English language for those candidates judged otherwise of sufficient academic calibre for a Foundation Scholarship, but who are in need of additional assistance with IELTS