Classics has been well represented in Robinson since the foundation of the College. The usual number of those reading the subject each year is three or four. Applications from all types of school are welcome, and the College is well able to see to the teaching needs of those who take the Intensive Greek course or the four year Degree. Supervisions in the basic core of language and literature are arranged within the College and there is a healthy interchange with other colleges for the branches of History, Philosophy, Art, Archaeology and Linguistics. All students spend two years on the Part 1 course (Part 1A and Part 1B) and, though most go on to read Classics Part 11 (normally a one-year course), it may be possible to change to another subject. Subjects successfully combined with Classics include History, Law, English, History of Art, Theology, and Social and Political Sciences. Papers from other Triposes are also available within the Classics Part 11. The College Library contains a well-equipped Classics section which is constantly augmented, and the College itself lies conveniently close both to the Faculty Library and the University Library. 

Further information may be obtained via the Faculty of Classics website. This provides further detail about the nature and structure of the Classics course. Prospective applicants may also contact the Admissions Office to discuss the course and the College.

Updated May 2016