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Professor Catherine Cubitt

Fellowship Type
College Position
Baxandall Visiting Fellow
Medieval History
Research Interests
Early medieval history, especially the church in pre-Conquest England, bishops and church councils, and the papacy.

Katy Cubitt studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic and History at Cambridge, before working as a research assistant for the English Place-Name Society and completing an MA in Germanic Philology at University College, London. She came back to Cambridge for Phd on Anglo-Saxon Church Councils c. 650-c. 850 which was published as a book in 1995 by Leicester University Press. She has worked at the universities of University College, London, Leeds, Birmingham, York and East Anglia, retiring from the latter in 2022. Her research focuses on the early medieval world, especially the church in pre-Conquest England and latest book, Sin and Society in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England will be published by CUP in 2024/5. She is interested in the role of bishops not only in the church but also in the early medieval political sphere, particularly their ability to shape political culture, especially ideas of kingship and the kingdom as a Christian community. Her current research project is a biography of Archbishop Wulfstan II of York (1002-1023), a key political player at a time of great instability in the English kingdom and major writer, who composed vernacular sermons, law codes and political tracts. She was President of the Ecclesiastical History Society for 2022-23, has been a member of the council of the Royal Historical Society and a trustee of the Historical Association, of the History subpanel of the 2014 and 2021 Research Exercise Framework.
Other Interests
Opera, cooking and gardening.