The formal paper on which each talk is based can be downloaded* as an Acrobat .pdf file either by clicking on the link, or right-clicking and saving the file to your computer. You can get Acrobat Reader at for the latest version.

If you have a fast internet connection you may be able to listen and view simply by clicking on the "talk with slides" link without downloading the files. Otherwise the best way to hear the presentation, with the slides introduced automatically at the appropriate times, is to download the show (.pps) marked "talk with slides" by right-clicking and saving the file to your computer, together with the audio (.mp3) marked "talk only". Save both files to the same folder on your computer. If you do not have Powerpoint you can download the free viewer here. Then click on the .pps file (you may have to start the show manually) and you will be able to listen to the talk and see the slides at the correct times, provided that your computer is strong enough! Press ESC to exit the show.

If you have any problems viewing the automatic show, you can also download the version marked "slides only" (.pps) and the document marked "slide timings" (.pdf). In this version you will have to advance the slides manually at the appropriate time as you play the audio file using an mp3 application such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer: most players show the time elapsed. This option is also helpful if you want to review a particular part of the talk (you cannot fast forward or rewind the automatic version).

*The talks are available for public download, some formal papers are limited to PKSG members. Any problems contact

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