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Meeting Rooms

Linnett Room

Centrally located within the College, the Linnett Room is perfect for a small independent meeting of up to 40 people, or as a breakout room from a larger plenary session. With natural light, the room has excellent black-out facilities.

Garden Room

Located in a quiet corner of the College this is an ideal venue for a small private meeting of up to 50 people, or as a main conference break-out room. Air-conditioned and with natural light, the room has excellent black-out facilities.

Seminar Room

The Seminar Room is located adjacent to Auditorium at stage level and makes an excellent support room for speakers. Equally, it is an ideal venue for a prestigious board-style meeting for up to 16, especially where confidentiality is important. Air-conditioned and with natural light, the room has excellent black-out facilities.

Games Room

Situated adjacent to the Auditorium Lounge, the Games Room provides a flexible space suitable for breakout sessions, smaller meetings or displays.

Junior Combination Room (available in vacations only)

This large room is often used as a plenary meeting room for medium sized groups but equally well, it serves as breakout space, an exhibition area or a workshop location. Conveniently located near the Umney Suite, this room has air-conditioning, natural light and fitted data projection facilities.

Music Suite (available in vacations only)

With the Music Room and the Music Practice Room, this suite is an ideal self-contained small meeting venue in an undisturbed area of the College.

Small Meeting Rooms (available in vacations only)

For independent meetings or breakout sessions, a further 14 smaller meeting rooms are located conveniently near the main conference and catering areas.

Maria Bjornson Outdoor Theatre

Robinson College is very proud of its outdoor theatre. Funded by an alumnus, the theatre was constructed in 2004 and named in memory of his close friend and colleague in the theatre world, Maria Bjornson. The theatre is situated in the grounds of the College, within the garden of 2 Adams Road and is accessed from the main College buildings. The theatre is available for hire by any organisation for plays, readings, presentations, in fact for any non-amplified staged event suitable to be held outdoors.