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At Robinson College, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of all our delegates first. However, our building does give us some challenges. The College has a detailed DDA Audit development plan in place which it is working through. For more information about the plan, please feel free to contact the Conference Manager.

In the meantime, in order to improve accessibility, the following pages serve to provide information on our building and about the services we offer which we hope will increase the opportunity to participate fully, for all our guests.


At Robinson College, we are proud to use AccessAble to support everyone in providing information on the accessibility of the college. The college site has been surveyed to provide up to date and accurate information on the accessibility of the different venues on site, to help allow you to see if the site will be accessible to you. Full of 100% facts, figures and photographs, AccessAble gives you a super easy and free way to scope out the site before visiting. 

Click here to view the personalised Robinson College AccessAble Guide.

Dietary Requirements

It is our policy to label dishes with signs or on menus to indicate suitable for vegetarian, vegan, contains nuts, contains alcohol. We are also very used to providing for many other dietary requirements according to delegate's requirements. Please let us know if you have any particular requirements prior to attending your event through either your event organiser, or the dedicated point of contact from the Conference Team.


Whilst we have a number of facilities on site as standard, there are other features which can be arranged if we are aware of your needs. Please indicate your access needs prior to attending your event by either contacting the Conference Manager, or using this Access Form here.

What accessible features do we have around Robinson?

Scroll through these images to check out some of the facilities we have to make Robinson accessible.