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Smoking Policy

Under the Smoke-free England regulations 2007, it is  illegal to smoke indoors in "public" places. No smoking will be permitted in:

  • Any private or public room of the College
  • Any staircase, hallway, walkway or balcony

For Conference organisers and delegates of residential and day conferences there are only 3 areas where smoking will be permitted:

  • Long Court and Front Court from the bottom of the steps leading to High Court to the start of Herschel Court [between 8am and 11pm] only
  • Middle of Long Court opposite the Balcony/ Dining Hall entrance (between 8am and 11pm only) 
  • Signposted Area on the garden side of the Crausaz Wordworths Building

Please ask at the Porters' Lodge if you are unsure where these locations are. Smokers are asked to use bins provided when disposing of cigarette butts.

Smokers are also requested to consider NOT smoking on the public pavements around the entrances to the College at Burrell's Walk and the Porters' Lodge (junction of Grange and Herschel Roads).

Please be advised that guests who do smoke in bedrooms will be charged a £150 fine to cover the specialist cleaning required to remove any odours and the cost of taking the room out of service for this cleaning to take place.