Candidates wishing to apply for scholarships can e-mail Dr Barbara Polityńska to request an application form, or download it directly from this web page, in PDF format.

Completed application forms should be returned by e-mail to the above address and a signed paper version of the application form sent to:
Dr Barbara Polityńska
Wydział Pedagogiki i Psychologii,
Uniwersytet w Białymstoku,
ul. Świerkowa 20
15-328 Białystok, Poland.

Applications from the U.K. should be addressed to Dr Barbara Polityńska at:
Robinson College

All applications must be supported by two references from senior academics familiar with the scholar's work.

The Corbridge Trust Electors

The Trust electors are appointed to manage the Trust and select candidates for scholarships.

Chairman of Electors:
Professor David Yates
Warden of Robinson College

Professor Simon Franklin
Head of Dept. of Slavonic Studies
University of Cambridge

Professor Peter Kornicki
Robinson College &
Professor of Japanese History and Bibliography
University of Cambridge

Dr Chris Ward
Robinson College &
Dept. of Slavonic Studies
University of Cambridge

Dr Anuj Dawar
Robinson College &
The Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

Trust Director:
Dr Barbara Polityńska
Robinson College &
The University of Białystok, Poland