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The Crausaz Wordsworth Building
Adams Road
Time 14:00 - 16:00

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clic+ lecture  series no 2 - Event Planning

So, you have taken time to research for your next event, next comes the planning stage. In this session learn about tips and best practice to go about this to ensure you keep organised and on track and this includes planning with colleagues and suppliers who will be working with you on your event.

Guest Speakers include:

Annabel Bradford - Marketing & Events Manager  Redgate     

An agile approach to event planning

Whatever your role, if you work in the events industry you’re all too familiar with the pressure that comes from constant hard deadlines. But it doesn’t have to be that way; there is a way to better manage your events to reduce the stress.

In this session I’ll share some lessons learnt from agile software development, and talk you through my approach to event planning, which allows you to adapt, innovate and stay flexible.

I’ll show you how you can borrow the principles of agile methodology for event project management, which emphasise collaboration, user feedback and continuous improvement, to ensure that your event is successful and you stay in control. 

Susan Heaton-Wright - Creator of unique live entertainment & Creative Director Viva Live Music & Voice Public Speaking Trainer Executive Voice.

 “Where’s the food?”

Since setting up Viva Live Music 11 years ago, I have had plenty of conversations with event planners and suppliers, where they have shared their ‘horror stories’ of working with each other. In this impactful speech, Susan shares top tips to building valuable and trustworthy relationships during the planning process, to ensure events are a great success.

Susan Heaton-Wright is the Creative Director of Viva Live Music www.vivalivemusic.com : a company creating and delivering live musical and theatrical entertainment for events. With over 25 years experience performing, arranging and delivering live entertainment, she has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and stories to share with the audience .