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Prospective Students

Colleges are what make Cambridge University different from most other Universities.

Our key expectations of you are that you work hard to fulfil your academic potential and that you add to the Robinson community. Your College Director of Studies is a specialist in your course who will oversee your studies and guide you as you choose your course options. Directors of Studies arrange and provide Supervisions, the small group teaching sessions for which Cambridge is justly famous. You can find out more about life in Robinson by looking at our students’ prospectus, created by the Robinson students themselves!

Your Faculty or Department provides lectures, seminars, practicals, examples classes for students from all the Colleges. These core teaching elements of your course are the same, regardless of which College you are at.

What are the attributes of our successful students?

Passion and real enthusiasm for your course, good organisational and motivational skills are the key attributes.

What resources and facilities do we provide?

In the College library you will find the main undergraduate text books, particularly for the first two years of your degree. In the computer room you will find eight Windows PCs, one Mac and one photocopier and all bedrooms have wired ethernet connections to the University network.

What opportunities are available for after your studies?

In the short video, "Beyond Cambridge: Spotlight on Careers", five recent graduates discuss their experiences at Cambridge, the support they received from the Careers Service and how their time at university is now helping them in the workplace and in further study. Read more about it here.