Alphabetical list of Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Dr Martin Andersson - History
Dr Uliana Bashtanova - Chemistry
Dr Oliver Bonner - Engineering
Dr Laura Caller - Pathology
Dr Scott Dillon - Medicine
Dr Tanya Filer - Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr Andrea Franceschini - Computer Science
Dr Martin Frentrup - Materials Science & Metallurgy
Dr Tanja Fuchsberger - Physiology, Development & Neuroscience
Dr Janin Lautenschläger​ - Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Dr Olga Löblová - Sociology
Dr Charmian Mansell - History
Dr Marta Paez Ribes - Medicine
Dr Abhisekh Sankaran - Computer  Science
Dr Katharina Scherer - Chemistry
Dr Dolores Senorans - Social Anthropology
Dr Beatrice Zucca-Micheletto - History