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Contemporary Art at Robinson


The Robinson Art Festival - March 2024

The Robinson Art Festival is a student-run festival focused on collaboration, interdisciplinary practice and an increased engagement with contemporary art at Robinson. The Festival is open to all, and an association with Robinson College and/or Cambridge University is not expected. The raf committee will run various events, including workshops and talks with artists, throughout the year, leading up to the main exhibition in March 2024. 

The theme for this year is 'Movement', inviting all participants to reimagine what 'movement' can mean to them and to us all collectively. Whether this relates to social movement, migration, dance or artistic technique, we wish to invite artists from all disciplines to share their vision. The exhibition will take place in Robinson College starting from Front Court extending to in and around the Auditorium, engaging with the college's architecture and forming a more interactive space inviting participants to move between the rooms. 

The deadline for submissions is 10 February 2024. To find out more about events and how to get involved visit the Robinson Art Festival Instagram page or email us at