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Why Robinson

Robinson is one of the few colleges in Cambridge that has been co-educational from the start, and it is one of the most egalitarian and relaxed colleges in which to live and work.

Its location on the west side of the city is quiet, away from the tourists, and everyone can sit on the grass. The relatively small size (386 undergraduates and 180 postgraduates) means that you can know most of your fellow students.

We are committed to supporting all of our members to the best of our ability. We have one of the better records in Cambridge on sex and ethnic minority ratios at student and senior levels. We are not complacent, however, and actively seek to recruit under-represented groups.

All students are assigned a College Tutor, and also have the services of a Women’s Tutor. The undergraduates (JCR) and the postgraduates (MCR) have designated officers for women, for men, and for LGBTQ students.

Most of the college and gardens are wheelchair accessible and we are seeking ways around some of the staircases that were installed during original construction in 1980. As a College we will always strive to meet your individual needs; please contact the Admissions department to discuss your requirements further.

Robinson is committed to sustainability in sourcing food and supplies, and the JCR and MCR have Green Officers to support student initiatives..