Who's Who

Please feel free to email or telephone the Housekeeping team on 01223 339128

Contact Julie for any comment or query regarding the general cleaning of the college. This includes issues to do with staircase rooms, hostel rooms, kitchens and public areas. Also general cleaning and setting up of meeting rooms.

Julie Allen
Housekeeping Manager
Leah Cook
Deputy Housekeeping Manager
Sara Venkappa
Housekeeping Supervisor
(College Staircases)
Lynne Freestone
Housekeeping Supervisor
(Hostels and meeting rooms)

What to expect from your Bedmaker

Student rooms are cleaned weekly on a specific day. You will be notified of your cleaning day.
Kitchens are cleaned daily Monday to Friday.
Bins are emptied twice a week.
Hostel kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned daily Monday to Friday.
Washing up is not part of the service.