Warden: Sir Richard Heaton KCB

Deputy Warden: Professor Anuj Dawar

Alphabetical list of the current Warden, Fellows, Life Fellows and Emeritus Fellows:

Dr Scott Annett - English
Dr Ignacia  Arteaga - Social Anthropology
Dr Duncan Astle - Biological Sciences
Professor German E Berrios - Life Fellow, Clinical Medicine
Dr Nick Bexfield - Veterinary Medicine
Dr Martin Brett - Emeritus Fellow, History
Ms Fiona Brockbank - Finance Bursar 
Dr Peter Newman Brooks -  Life Fellow, Theology
Professor L Mick Brown - Emeritus Fellow, Physics
Professor Carlos Caldas, FMedSci - Oncology
Dr Kevin J Chalut - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Professor Nicholas Collings - Emeritus Fellow, Engineering
Professor Alexander C Copley - Earth Sciences
The Revd Dr David G Cornick - Emeritus Fellow, Theology
Dr Colin M Crump - Natural Sciences (Biological)
Professor Anuj Dawar - Computer Science
Dr Gary J Doherty - Clinical Medicine
Professor Ian T Drummond - Emeritus Fellow, Mathematics
Professor Melinda J Duer - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Dr Mohammed Z E B Elshafie - Engineering
Professor Amy L Erickson - History
Professor David Fairen Jimenez - Chemical Engineering
Dr Rory E Finnin - Modern Languages
Professor Christopher F Forsyth - Life Fellow, Law
Dr Elaine A O Freer - Law
Professor Imre I Galambos - Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Dr Andreas Georgiou - Engineering
Professor John C Gray - Life Fellow, Natural Sciences (Biological)
Dr Paul T Griffiths - Physical Chemistry
Dr Elizabeth M Guild - Life Fellow, Modern Languages
Dr Benjamin D Guy -  Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic
Dr Stuart J Hogarth - Sociology
Professor Morna D Hooker - Life Fellow, Theology
Professor Peter J A Hutchinson - Medicine
Professor Ying Jin - Architecture
Dr Geraint (Geb) A C Jones - Life Fellow, Engineering
Professor Clemens F Kaminski - Chemical Engineering
Professor Gabriele Kaminski Schierle - Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Professor Robin Kirkpatrick - Life Fellow, Modern Languages (Italian)
Dr Daniel Knorr - History
Professor Peter F Kornicki - Emeritus Fellow, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Dr Nikhil G Krishnan - Philosophy
Dr Johan P Larsson - Land Economy
Mrs Christine E Latham - Veterinary Medicine
Professor Judith M Lieu - Fellow Emerita, Theology
Professor Rosalind C Love - Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Professor Malcolm R Mackley - Emeritus Fellow, Chemical Engineering
Professor Athina E Markaki - Engineering
Dr Brian J McCabe - Emeritus Fellow, Natural Sciences (Biological)
Dr Maryon E McDonald - Fellow Emerita, Human, Social & Political Sciences Part I and Social Anthropology, Biological Anthropology & Archaeology Part II
Dr Rhiannon E McGlade - Spanish
Dr David S McKie - Life Fellow, Classics
Wg Cdr Peter D G Milloy - Emeritus Fellow
Mr Nicholas S L Milne -  Domestic Bursar
Dr Caterina Milo - Law
Dr Bartomeu Monserrat-Sánchez - Materials Science and Metallurgy
Professor Alan Mycroft - Computer Science
Wg Cdr John R Myers - Emeritus Fellow
Mr Saul E Nassé
Professor Richard J Needs - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Dr William P Nolan - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Professor Rachel A Oliver - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Professor Joanna E Page - Modern Languages
Dr Emily Kate Price - Modern and Medieval Languages
Dr Elizabeth M Rawlinson-Mills - English
Mr Ross G Reason - Fellow
Dr Olivier L J Restif - Natural Sciences (Biological)
Professor David A Ritchie - Natural Sciences (Physical)
Dr Konstantin Röder - Chemistry 
Dr Ian A Rudy - Management Studies & Natural Sciences (Physical)
Dr Jossy Sayir - Engineering
Professor Paul N Schofield - Veterinary Medicine & Natural Sciences (Biological)
Mr John F H Sergeant - Emeritus Fellow, Architecture
Dr Andrew M Sharkey - Medicine & Natural Sciences (Biological)
Dr Richard W Sharp - Computer Science
Dr Michael D Shin - Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Dr Mat Simpson - Philosophy
Dr Brian D Sloan - Law
Baroness Smith of Newnham (Professor Julie Smith)  - Politics
Dr Mary E Stewart - Life Fellow, Modern Languages
Professor Nedunchezhian Swaminathan - Engineering
Professor John C Taylor - Emeritus Fellow, Mathematics
Dr Helen L Thaventhiran - English
Dr Deborah Thom - Fellow Emerita, History & Social Sciences
Dr Jeremy R Thurlow - Music
Dr J Teresa Tiffert - Fellow Emerita, Medicine & Natural Sciences (Biological)
Dr Stephen T Trudgill - Emeritus Fellow, Geography
Dr Christopher D Warner - Mathematics
Dr Judy E Weiss - Fellow Emerita, English
Ms Sarah Westwood - Development Director
Professor John A Williams - Life Fellow, Engineering
Dr Adam J Woodhouse - History of Political Thought
Dr David A Woodman - Senior Tutor, History and Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Dr Jeremy D Yallop - Computer Science
Professor A David Yates - Law
Professor Alison L Young - Sir David Williams Professor in Law

Alphabetical list of Honorary Fellows

Sir Geoffrey Allen
Professor Leonard W Conolly 
Professor Dame Athene M Donald 
Mr James Harrison
Professor Dame Caroline Humphrey (Lady Rees of Ludlow)
Sir Maurice Kay
Dr Ondrej L Krivanek
Mme Christine M O Lagarde
Sir David Li 
Mr Warwick Morris 
Professor Lord Martin Rees (Baron Rees of Ludlow) 
Mrs Justice Thornton DBE (Dame Justine Thornton)


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