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General Terms and Charges


We provide accommodation for all undergraduate students throughout their course.

Postgraduate students are usually offered accommodation in their first year and generally for 2 further years for those studying for a PhD. Details of what is available and the charges for undergraduates and postgraduates can be found on the student residence charges page.

Current Students - Term Time Accommodation

Please contact the Accommodation Officer or telephone 01223 (3)39123

Vacation Accommodation

Please contact the Accommodation Officer or telephone 01223 (3)39123 

Academic Visitors

The College has limited accommodation for senior academic visitors from Universities around the world who come to Cambridge for periods from one term to a whole academic year. All such visitors have to be sponsored by one of our own Fellows. Such visits are subject to a detailed approval process and normally require application at least 18 months before the intended visit.

Ad hoc academic visitors may also be accommodated in the summer vacation (July to mid-September) and students who are studying at another University and are visiting Cambridge during the summer vacation for academic purposes may also be offered accommodation. Details of accommodation for visitors can be found on the academic visitor’s page.

Robinson College has a mix of single ensuite rooms and rooms with shared bathrooms and a number of self-contained flats. Most flats are used by Resident Fellows of the College but 2 or 3 are available for senior academic visitors. All available accommodation is occupied by students during term time but a limited number of rooms is available for visitors during the vacation.

Please contact the Accommodation Officer or telephone 01223 (3)39123

Guest Rooms (also available for Alumni)

The College has 4 Guest Rooms which are available for Members of the College to book. These are available for a maximum of 3 nights and may be booked through the Porters' Lodge. Fellows of St Catherine's College, Oxford may also book these rooms. These may be booked through the Porters Lodge or telephone 01223 (3)39100


The College hosts many conferences throughout the year and during vacation periods, we are able to offer accommodation to delegates. Details can be found on the conferences homepage.

Independent Travellers

The Conference Team can also provide Bed and Breakfast accommodation during the vacation periods to independent travelers or business visitors.


Apart from formal school visits and interviews, children below 16 cannot be accommodated in the College.

Accessible Rooms

The College has a few accessible rooms, one is suitable for an undergraduate student and there are 2 for graduate students. The undergraduate room is available in the vacation for conference use and/or for visitors.