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Student Residence Charges

Robinson College is proud of its high standard of accommodation.  We have a completely modern student living environment with full central heating throughout, modern plumbing, a large number of en-suite study bedrooms, and really great food.  Our capital programmes ensures that we maintain an excellent standard of refurbishment with nearly 80% of our student rooms having recently undergone improvement and decoration work.  Robinson’s residence arrangements differ from those of many other colleges in a number of other ways too:

  • Our undergraduate residence contract term is only 29 weeks – it can be longer (in some cases quite a bit longer) in other colleges. That would, in the end, cost you more than living in Robinson;
  • Our list of undergraduate room charges are fixed on the day that you matriculate and they don’t change for the rest of your 3-year course – no inflation-based or other increases.  The College carries the risk of rising prices, not you. Most other colleges raise their rates every year.  
  • Our residence charge is all you will be asked to pay for your room.  There are no “hidden extras”, such as that Cambridge curiosity “the Kitchen Fixed Charge”. There are also no charges for computing or internet services, heat, light, or power. Other colleges may well have other “costs” in addition to your room rate.
  • The vast majority of our accommodation (all Undergraduate accommodation) is on one site, not scattered around the city in separate hostels.  You will be able to live on the main College site for all three or four years of your degree.

Of course we understand that one of the many factors you may wish to take into account in choosing a college is the costs of accommodation but do bear in mind that there is no published table or press article available which compares like with like in this regard.  Robinson reviews its pricing of student accommodation annually to ensure that it compares reasonably with the charges imposed by other colleges.  Accordingly, when you make your comparisons, be sure to study the “small print” and not the headline numbers.  Not all may be what it seems.


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Page updated  08th June 2021