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2018/19 WORKS BRIEFING Update 3

Thorneycreek drive bridge

Strengthening works have been completed and the bridge is open.  The car park remains CLOSED.


Thorneycreek Cottage

Compound remains a restricted area.

This project involves major repairs and renovations including the removal of the roof, clearance of internal structures and under-pinning work.  The rebuild of the house is expected to take at least 9 months (March 2019) and may take longer.


Pond fountain ( gardens project)

Installation of a new fountain in the pond will be undertaken in due course.  This was planned for September but has had to be delayed.  The work will involve the partial emptying of the lake and some digging work.


2 Adams Road

It is anticipated though still subject to confirmation, that a programme of window replacements will commence during the Easter vacation in 2019.  There will be limited disruption in those rooms affected as windows are removed and replaced.  Further advice will be given as plans are confirmed.


Correct as at 29th November 2018