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Maintenance / Works

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Works during Lent term 2024

For any advice or queries, please contact: 
Bill McKim:  or 
Rachel Hooper

Water ingress remedial works:

  • Rubbing down and decorating exterior of window frames of rooms overlooking Adams and Grange Roads ongoing
  • Staircase N onwards working towards Staircase A garden side - RWP removal and replacement Level 1
  • 3 x RWP on Garden Restaurant terrace wall at ground level - removal and replacement.  Also to be included will be remediation of lead rooves of inset window sections
  • Staircase K onwards working towards Staircase A garden side - RWP removal and replacement Level G. See document.
  • Lead roof below High Court end – repair and waterproofing (potentially if the scaffold can be altered without being removed)
  • Scaffolding is being erected today on the high court Q-S, signs and barriers will be in place advising to use the doors on the second floor access. This may be completed today but I have left tomorrow in as contingency. Friday the scaffolder will be erecting towers on the offices elevation facing inward. Please alert all of your colleagues to the movement of scaffolding to these areas, The contractor (Modus) will have banksmen on duty to assist in the movement during these works.
  • Existing scaffolding in place outside Staircase S will remain
  • Existing scaffold in place from west side/over Service Yard entrance, around building on Adams and Grange Roads to Set 21.  
  • New scaffolding to be erected over Terrace outside Garden Restaurant.

During the project works, the following bedrooms and areas will be affected – Levels 1, G and 0:

  • Garden side bedrooms: N2, N3, M2, M3, L2, L3, K1, K2, J2, J3, I2, I3, H2, H3, G1, G2, F1, F2, F4, F5, F8, F9, E1, E2, E4, E5, E8, E9, D1, D2, D4, D5, D8, D9, C1, C2, C4, C5, C8, C9, B1, B2, B4, B5, B8, B9, A1, A2, A4, A5, A8, A9.
  • Sets 21, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.
  • IT, Conference, Admissions & Tutorial, Development Offices
  • Garden Restaurant – terrace use restricted.
  • The Porters Lodge will be unaffected and the main entrance will be open as usual.  
  • The Bin Brook entrance from Grange Road will be available as usual allowing direct access to the Garden Restaurant, JCR, Red Brick Café Bar, Umney Foyer/Theatre, Housekeeping and Maintenance areas, lower ground level areas (Service Yard, Party Room, kitchens) and the gardens.  NB there will be scaffolding bridging these entry points on Adams and Grange Road.
  • Garden entry via Umney/Bin Brook steps will remain open as usual.  
  • Main Bridge over lake and Bin Brook will be accessible from Umney/Bin Brook end, from Garden Restaurant.  
  • Garden Restaurant Terrace will be restricted due to scaffolding though entry and exit from the restaurant itself will be unaffected as scaffolding will bridge the doors.
  • Level 1 walkway on garden side from S to O staircases may be restricted at some times.


  • Front Court will be fully open.  
  • Herschel Court will be fully open.  
  • Long Court will be fully open.
  • High Court access will available other than in scaffolded/works areas as signed.

All staircases will be open and all rooms available.

Both K and Q lifts will be operational.