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2019/20 WORKS BRIEFING Update 5

Archive Building construction

Car parking at front of 5 Adams Road closed.  On-road vehicle activity also curtailed with the installation of water-filled bollards.

Access to building restricted – please see and observe signage.  Usual entry/exit via kitchen door at east end of building (front door only for emergency exit).  Also access to east side of 6 Adams Road will be restricted and use of the kitchen door will, at times, be for emergency exit only.

New cycle store to be installed between 6 and 5 Adams Road.

The project is progressing on schedule and is expected to continue until 23rd December 2019.

Thorneycreek House

Access around the house remains restricted – please observe signage: 

No access along Thorneycreek drive

No access around TCH paths to croquet lawn

No access to road and turnaround in front of TCH

No access between 2 Sylvester and TCH

Limited access to north of house (Gardeners compound side).

Car parking at Thorneycreek closed.

This project involves major repairs and renovations including the renewal of the hot water and heating system, the electrical wiring system, IT network infrastructure as well as some building modifications and general redecoration.  The project is expected to take up to 9 months (end March 2020).

Main College Boiler renewal

One of the three main boilers has been replaced this summer.  New boiler is in situ and connection is progressing.


Other activity planned

Service Yard safety works to include separation of traffic/pedestrians, white-lining, signage, double gate closure, booking-in point telephone installation.

Schedule TBA probably Christmas vacation.


New cycle store at Herschel Road

Planning application in progress

Schedule TBA


Cooling tower demolition and construction of temporary road

Schedule TBA


Correct as at 31st October 2019