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Staircases G, H, I, J

The 54 rooms on these four staircases are being refurbished this year.

The project commenced Monday 11 May and is likely to complete early by beginning of September 2020 with Housekeeping refurnishing work as soon thereafter as possible.  We hope to have the room back in service in good time for the start of Michaelmas Term.

The project also includes the stripping, refurbishment and re-waterproofing of the walkway roof over the Auditorium which is also well progressed.

Contractors’ entry to College is through Herschel Gate at the end of Herschel Court and the contractor’s site covers from Herschel Gate along the garden side of the main college building up to G staircase, including the gravel area at the foot of G staircase. Access to the site is through G staircase stairwell from the garden entrance and via a hoist operating from ground level to the auditorium roof.  The site also encompasses the auditorium roof and walkways both at the front and rear of G-J staircases.

The site access route will be constructed as a temporary roadway.


Please observe access restrictions and signage and do not enter the site unless authorised to do so.

Garden fire escape doors from staircases A through F will be for emergency exit only as they will open onto the contractors site.  Caution MUST be exercised when using these exits as the contractor will be using dumper trucks along the site route to Herschel gate.

Site operating hours will be 7.30am to 5.00pm with noisy work not to commence until 8.00am.  The site will be operational Monday through Saturday.

Emergency contact details for site management are available through the Facilities Manager or the Porters Lodge.



Main College Boiler renewal

The second of the three main boilers is being replaced this summer.  The programme commenced 6 July and the new boiler preparatory work and delivery are well on schedule.  The existing boiler no 1 has been renovated and is functioning reliably so interruption to hot water during the project is not expected.  There will be some continued disruption to access routes around the service yard.


Fire Alarms System updates in 2 Adams Road, 4 Adams Road, 1A Sylvester Road and 3 Sylvester Road houses

All completed


2 Adams Road

All completed


Tree works

As usual there will be tree works being undertaken around the College estate.  The work may well commence earlier than usual so please be prepared and observe any access restrictions that are in force.

Schedule:  w/c 7 September


For any advice or queries, please contact:

Bill McKim: or

Nick Milne


Correct as at 14 August 2020