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During summer 2022 Works


The capital works planned for summer 2022 are as follows:

Main College Building
1.    Water ingress remedial works on the entire Long Court area of the ground level from K staircase entrance to Bin Brook entrance lobby.
2.    College Offices on Long Court and Sets 17 – 21C on level 1 walkway above.
3.    Lower ground level area below Porters Lodge – student launderette, cycle area, secondary trunk room and sports gear store.

4.    4 Adams Road
5.    Thorneycreek Flat 1 changes to accommodate Welfare Centre

Project dates are from 11 July through 18 September with shoulder weeks at start and end being preparatory work including relocation of occupants and furniture and site/compound set-up.  Scaffolding will be erected at the front of the College from 20 June 2022.
College activities up to Sunday 10 July are unaffected – i.e. 5-6 July Arts/Humanities Residential, 7-8 July Open Days and 9-10 July Science Residential will operate as normal.

Plan showing Long Court area of work as below.

During the project works, the following College Officers and departments will relocate as listed:
Warden and Executive Assistant - Flat 5
Finance Bursar – J8
Dr Woodman – Room R2 (retains Senior Tutor’s office as well)
Dr Thurlow – Room R1
Domestic Bursar – Teaching Room A
Finance team – Flat 3
HR Team – Teaching Room B
Bursars’ Assistant – G03

For any advice or queries, please contact: 
Bill McKim: or 
Nick Milne:

Logistics Plan for Main College Building

Access to/from Main College Building

The Porters Lodge will largely remain unaffected and the main entrance will be open as usual.  

Access from the lower ground level underground car park to Porters Lodge will be curtailed for some periods during the works – G staircase car park access will remain open throughout.

The Bin Brook entrance from Grange Road will be available as usual allowing direct access to the Garden Restaurant, JCR, Red Brick Café Bar, Umney Foyer/Theatre, Housekeeping and Maintenance areas, lower ground level areas (Service Yard, Party Room, kitchens) and the gardens.

Garden entry points via Bin Brook steps and G staircase will remain open as usual though from Umney Foyer, access to Long Court will be closed.


Front Court will be open with full access to the Chapel, Auditorium suite, Games Room, Library, Teaching Rooms and Flats 15 and 16, G and J staircase entrances, Flats 8 and 9 and Herschel Court.

Herschel Court will be open with full access to staircases F to A and Flats 1 to 7 and level 1 Flats 10 – 14.

High Court will be open with full access to Music suite, Sets 24 - 31, Conference & Catering, Tutorial & Admissions, Development and IT offices, staircases Q through S.

Long Court will be closed on ground level.  Instead, traversing College north to/from south will be via:
•    level 1 walkway (access via staircases G or J or via organ loft steps from Front Court) to High Court.
•    level 1 rear walkway (access via walk-throughs on staircases F, K and S).
•    lower ground level cloisters walkway (access to/from car park, K staircase lower level, Dining Hall, Garden Restaurant, service yard).
•    garden paths from G staircase to Bin Brook steps and bridges.


A-J will be accessible from Herschel and Front Courts as usual.

K-P will not be accessible to or from Long Court.  Instead access will be via the level 1 walkway.

Q-V will be accessible from High Court as usual.

W-X (Sets 20 -17) will be closed.  This is part of the project works.


Both K and Q lifts will be operational.  However, K lift will not be accessible from Long Court.  There will be no direct lift access from Front Court or Herschel Court at ground level.
Wheelchair access will therefore be via the gardens or car park areas via paths/walkways to the lifts at lower ground level or along level 1 walkways.  


All bedrooms will be in use subject to availability.  

Access to rooms on Herschel or Front Courts will be as usual.  

For Long Court or High Court rooms, access will generally be via level 1 walkways.

Each bedroom will have issued a specific access plan detailing routes to/from Garden Restaurant, RBCB, CWB, Porters Lodge and gardens. There will also be a fire/emergency exit route plan and assembly point for each.

Staircases A to J - as normal to Front Court.
Staircases K to P - use level 1 balcony to MCR bridge then down organ loft steps to Front Court.
Staircases Q to V – use stairs to High Court, then Q or S staircase to level 1 rear walkway and use S fire escape stairs to gardens.
Flats 1-16 – as normal to Front Court or Herschel Court.


Access as usual from Front Court to any of the three doors and from level 1 walkway to organ loft.
FIRE EXIT – as normal to Front Court.

Auditorium/Lounge, Garden & Seminar Rooms, Games Room, Teaching Rooms A&B, RCSA Offices

Access as usual.
FIRE EXIT - as normal to Front Court/gardens.

Library and Teaching Rooms 1-7

Access as usual.
FIRE EXIT - as normal to Front Court.


Access will be via Auditorium Foyer into the SCR Lounge.  A Salto lock will be in place on this door enabling card entry.  Level 1 door from K staircase to USCR and K1 will operate as usual though access must be via the walkway rather than Long Court.
FIRE EXIT - Use SCR lounge door to Auditorium Foyer and Front Court or TV room rear fire exit to gardens.  From USCR areas, K staircase along level 1 walkway to Front Court via organ loft steps or J staircase.


Access from Front Court up organ loft steps.  The steps from the bridge to Long Court will not be open.
FIRE EXIT – Down organ loft steps to Front Court or along level 1 walkway to G staircase and into gardens. 

Red Brick Café Bar and JCR

Access will be through Umney Foyer via JCR entrance. During Garden Restaurant operating periods, access may also be available via stairway from Garden Restaurant up to Balcony.
FIRE EXIT - Use JCR end exit to Umney Foyer and Gardens or use Balcony end stairs down to Hall inner lobby rear of kitchens, thence Garden Restaurant and gardens.

Umney Foyer, Umney Theatre/Lounge

Access will be via Bin Brook steps from Grange Road or gardens; or via lower ground level undercroft bridges from the gardens or cloisters walkway and up Party Room stairs/use lift; or via level 1 walkways using lift from Q staircase levels 1 to 4 to ground level (Umney Foyer).
FIRE EXIT – As usual via fire exits to service yard then gardens or via Bin Brook stairs to gardens.

Maintenance, Housekeeping areas and AV office 

Access via Umney Foyer or service yard as usual
FIRE EXIT – evacuate via Umney Foyer to gardens.

IT offices, Music Rooms, Conference office, Tutorial/Admissions, Development, Sets 21-31 

Access via level 1 walkway from Front Court or Q lift from all levels.
FIRE EXIT – use Q or S staircase to level 1 rear walkway and use S fire escape to gardens.

Garden Restaurant

Access will be via Bin Brook lobby/Umney Foyer (by lift) or lower ground level undercroft bridges from the gardens.

Dining Hall

The hall will be used for conference refreshment and lunch service only.  Delegates/residents will be advised on the following routes for access to Dining Hall from meeting rooms.
Access will be via Auditorium entrance and down stairs through corridor past Garden/Seminar Rooms into K staircase/lift corridor, or via G staircase into gardens and entry via the Garden Restaurant patio doors.
FIRE EXIT - Capacity to be limited to 50 and use Garden Restaurant end exit only to Gardens. K end exit to be designated as no exit.


There will be no use of the Balcony during this period.
FIRE EXIT - will not be used but any staff present will evacuate via Red Brick end stairs to gardens.


Access via lower ground level cloisters walkway, Garden Restaurant and Hall as usual.
FIRE EXIT - Evacuate via two exits rear of potwash area to gardens; via Head Chef office corridor to servery to restaurant and thence gardens or through cloister to gardens. Middle fire exit to N stairs will be no exit. No exit via Hall Servery to K.

Food Services Offices and Hall Servery 

Access via lower ground level cloisters walkway, Garden Restaurant and Hall as usual.  K stairs and lift from lower ground level lobby to ground level will be open for access to Balcony and SCR but the door to Long Court will be closed. 
FIRE EXIT – evacuate through Hall and Garden Restaurant to Gardens.