Financing your course at Robinson College

This page is intended to give you useful information about the current cost of studying at Robinson College and about the UK government funding that is available.  Further and more comprehensive information on fees and finance can be found on the University website.


The Fees you are expected to pay as an undergraduate differ according to whether you are assessed as a Home (UK/EU) student or an Overseas/Islands student.   Your fee status is determined by your nationality and your country of ordinary residence in the three years preceding the beginning of the University course.  For further information please see the UKCISA website.

The table below shows the amount of fees you would expect to pay for 2018/19.


  Home (UK) Students Home (EU) Students Overseas/Islands Students
Tuition Fees £9250 £9250 Please see the University website
College Fees *See below *See below £9000
Livings Costs £9160 £9160 £10310

Tuition Fees: this is for the teaching and supervision you will receive from your department.

*College Fees: this covers the cost to your College of providing a range of domestic and pastoral services and support. Subject to a fee status check, the College Fee for UK/EU students who are on their first undergraduate course is included within the University fee and does not constitute an additional charge. International overseas-fee status and Islands students will normally have to pay college fees in addition to University tuition fees.  More information on College fees can be found on the University Website.

Living/Maintenance Costs: this covers accommodation and all other living expenses while in Cambridge such as food, clothing, books, travel and entertainment.  Please note that Robinson College does not have a separate kitchen facilities charge.

More information on Living Costs can be found on the University Website.

Robinson College Residence Charges

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