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Alumni Benefits

As alumni of Robinson College you remain a member for life with a number of benefits. Here’s an overview of the benefits you can enjoy in person.  

For more information, please download the alumni benefits leaflet.

As alumni of Cambridge University you are also entitled to a number of additional benefits including:

  • A CAMcard (issued by the University Development Office) that will enable you and up to three guests to visit Colleges open to visitors without paying an entrance fee. Use this card to take advantage of local discounts and to access free online resources. 
  • A free or email address that will instantly identify you as a member of the University’s alumni community.
  • Access to journals and online resources
  • Lifelong learning. Continue your learning at the University with a range of discounted short and long courses.
  • Visit the main University Library for free. Alumni can visit the Library by providing their CAMCard along with photo ID. They may sign in up to four guests.

For more information and to read about other Cambridge alumni benefits, please see here