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Using the Launderette

There are two launderettes in College – the main one beneath the Porters’ Lodge (basement level on Teaching Room staircase) and the second one adjacent to 4 Adams Road. Both have washing machines and driers operated through an app system by our laundry contractor WashStation.

  • Go to or download the Washnet app from your phone's app store
  • Create an account and select your nearest location from the list of launderettes.  Your nearest 3 are geo-located
  • You can reserve a machine for up to 10 minutes from your room.  Do not pay until you are in the laundry room
  • Choose the washer or dryer you'd like to use by selecting start or resume payment
  • Check your care labels and select the correct cycle you want to use and proceed with making the payment


  • Load your machine between 1/4 and 3/4 full.  For optimal results try halfway.
  • For the washers, add your detergent directly into the drum and close the door
  • For the dryers, make sure you clean the lint filter before and after use
  • The app will tell you to push 'Start' or 'Select Cycle' on the machine.  Press this to begin the cycle
  • You will receive a notification or an email when there is 7 minutes left of the wash cycle