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Robinson welcomes applications from all students, regardless of social, ethnic, financial or educational background. Robinson is one of the few colleges in Cambridge that has been co-educational from the start. Your application will be assessed by the Admissions Tutor and by subject specialists (you can find their details by clicking 'Courses' on the right), and most applicants are called for interview: you will find that the process is extremely thorough, but you will also find that we have made it as fair and transparent as possible. Further details about College interviews and tests, and how we determine applicants’ potential to thrive in their chosen subjects, are provided here.

When you join our diverse student body you too will enjoy comfortable first-class accommodation (much of it with en-suite bathrooms), several acres of landscaped gardens and delicious food that is regularly voted the best in the University. Our termly residence charges include free wireless and broadband use: what’s more, they are pegged at the same level for all your years as undergraduate - you won’t be hit by unexpected increases!

It is a perfect environment in which to study. All students at Cambridge benefit from lectures and seminars by world-renowned academics, and in addition to that students at Robinson benefit from individual academic and pastoral support through regular meetings with a dedicated Director of Studies and Tutor. As you plan your future in Cambridge, do take the time to look closely at the special opportunities Robinson has to offer.