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Leave a legacy to Robinson College

Your lasting impact on the future of Robinson College
We at Robinson College are very grateful that you are considering making a legacy gift, and we would like to assure you of the profound significance of your decision. Your decision to support us through a legacy gift will give you a special role in shaping the destiny of our College for the benefit of countless future generations..

As an alumnus, you have a deep connection to our college, and your legacy gift recognises your commitment to the continued success of your college. If you're a friend of Robinson College, your support demonstrates your belief in our mission and in the power of education to change lives. For those who simply value the impact of an exceptional educational experience, your legacy will contribute to our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Your legacy is more than just a donation; it's a lasting testament to your belief in the inspirational impact of education. With your support, we can continue to provide an exceptional educational experience that shapes the leaders, innovators and thinkers of tomorrow. Your legacy will forever be woven into the fabric of Robinson College, leaving a lasting mark on our community and the world beyond.

  • Securing Our Legacy: Robinson College has thrived over the years thanks to the support of its Members and Friends. Your legacy gift helps preserve our rich history and traditions while ensuring our continued growth.
  • Empowering Future Generations: Your contribution will provide future students with outstanding educational opportunities, cutting-edge facilities, and a vibrant community, much like the one you remember from your time here.
  • Financial Stability: Legacies play a crucial role in ensuring the college's financial stability. Your gift will help us maintain and enhance our facilities, fund scholarships, and support the academic excellence that defines Robinson College.
  • Long-term Planning: Legacy giving is an important aspect of long-term financial planning. It allows you to shape the future while providing peace of mind, especially regarding your financial affairs and responsibilities.

There are several forms of gifts that may be directed to specific areas of College life or for "the general purposes" of the College. Professional legal advice should be sought in deciding which is the most appropriate for you.

  • A Financial legacy: This is where a specific sum of money is left. It's worth remembering, however, that the value of this gift can decline over time due to inflation. To prevent this, you can instruct your solicitor to make the bequest index-linked, so that over the years it grows in line with the Retail Price Index.
  • Specific legacy: You may consider leaving a non-monetary asset to the College, such as artwork, a book, silverware, stocks, and shares, property, or jewellery. In some cases, you may wish to give the College the flexibility to sell these valuable items in the future. It's important to be clear about your intentions, as we will want to respect your wishes.
  • Conditional legacy: This type of gift stipulates that if none of your named beneficiaries survive you, your estate will be directed to other named beneficiaries, which may include the College.

·         Residuary Gifts:

(a) Bequest of the Residue: You may choose to bequeath the entirety, a percentage share, or a fraction of what remains in your estate after settling other bequests, debts, taxes, and expenses. This relieves you from the need to specify an exact monetary value and concerns about inflation's impact.

(b) Reversionary Interest Bequest: This is a variation on the above option, allowing you to allocate your estate to dependents during their lifetime, with the estate eventually reverting to the College.

The above is a brief overview of the various methods of making a legacy. For more comprehensive advice, you should seek the advice of a qualified solicitor.

Your legacy will be acknowledged and celebrated by the College, ensuring that your contribution continues to be felt by future Robinsonians.

The Crausaz-Wordsworth Society has been established to acknowledge and celebrate those legacy donors who have informed us of their intention to leave a lasting impact.

Find out more about how you can make a lasting impact by leaving a legacy at Robinson College. You can access our legacy brochure by downloading the PDF here. You may also wish to download, print, and return the Legacy Pledge form If you have any questions or would like to discuss your intentions further, please contact Sarah, our Director of Development at or

Together we can continue Robinson's legacy of providing an exceptional education for future generations.

These kinds of gifts are free of inheritance tax, making them especially beneficial to the College. In particular, they can help to reduce the overall tax liability of your estate, potentially benefiting other beneficiaries in your will.

At present, even a relatively modest estate can exceed the inheritance tax threshold and be subject to this form of taxation. By including a bequest to a recognised charity, such as Robinson College, it's possible to reduce the estate's tax liability. It's advisable to consult a solicitor to ensure that your gift qualifies for tax exemption, particularly in the case of bequests.

Your Will is understandably a personal matter, which you may decide to keep private. However, informing the College of your plans is incredibly helpful, leaving us best placed to fulfill your wishes and, crucially, express our gratitude. To access the full brochure, please click here, you may also download, print, and return the Legacy Pledge form, or contact Sarah, our Development Director at or 

For US residents a planned gift can offer significant tax benefits, potentially reducing capital gains and estate taxes and providing immediate income to you or a beneficiary. US taxpayers wishing to support Robinson through an estate plan may do so through Cambridge in America (CAm).

Please contact Cambridge in America for further information on how to leave a legacy to Robinson:
1120 Avenue of the Americas, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036

I give to the Warden and Fellows of Robinson College, University of Cambridge (registered charity number 1137494)

  • the residue of my estate
  • _____________________ percent of the residue of my estate
  • the sum of (amount in words) £________________________

free of tax for the general purposes of the College. I direct that the receipt of the Finance Bursar or other proper officer for the time being of the College shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors