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We think Robinson has some of the best accommodation available in the Cambridge Colleges. All students have their own bedroom. About half of our undergraduate rooms have their own bathrooms, and many of the rest share a bathroom between just two or three students.

Accommodation for undergraduates is provided in rooms in the main College building and in the houses on the College site. Freshers are always accommodated in Staircase Bedrooms which are part of the main College building where there is a choice of three types of room. 

A room ballot is held for second and third year undergraduates to select rooms for the following year where they have the choice between rooms in the main College building or in the houses on the College site.

For more information on each house and accommodation in the main College building, please click on the links above. 

Each student has easy access to the facilities you would expect to find in your home, and of course there are our beautiful gardens to relax in at the end of a hard day's work.

The Undergraduate Tenancy Agreement can be found here.