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There's always all sorts of music going on at Robinson. We have a regular concert series each term, an excellent chapel choir, weekly concerts, jazz, musicals, and much more.

The Chapel is a beautiful place for performing and listening to music, and contains one of the finest organs in Cambridge (a Frobenius) as well as a superb Steinway piano, a Rubio harpsichord and a beautiful Soundcraft chamber organ. We also have a drum kit, an amp and and a small set of steel pans.

There are practice rooms and a recital room for small concerts and band rehearsals. The college is also very lucky to have its own fully equipped purpose-built theatre, as well as a second, outdoor garden theatre.

Finally, the college is extremely close to the West Road Concert Hall, a wonderful venue which is the centre of music-making both for the University and the City: from Robinson it's about two minutes' walk.

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